How to Get Item Fusion Tome in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will allow players to fuse the items with Materia Fusion, once they have obtained it at a certain point of the game. However, only Materia Fusion is not enough as there is another specific item that can help players to make more power full Materia Item with Materia Fusion. The key item to increase the buff of fusing Materia Item in Materia Fusion is Item Fusion Tome.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how you can get Item Fusion Tome in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

What is Item Fusion Tome

Item Fusion Tome is a key item that will unlock the Items function in the Materia Fusion procedure. If you have obtained Materia Fusion, you would know that you fuse a Materia Item by combining two Materia Items of any level. Both of the Materia Items that are used will make a more Power full Materia Item but its buff can also be increased by placing another item on it and that is done in the Items section. You will be able to add different types of Potions and items that you have gathered in your journey to the Materia Item that is currently fusing to give more buffs.

Getting Item Fusion Tome

For the players who want to unlock the Items tab in Materia Fusion as early as possible, they will have to play through the main story chapters of the game until they reach Chapter 4. There is no point to unlock it before you get to chapter 4 because chapter 4 will unlock some optional missions which will get you the Item Fusion Tome to unlock the Items tab in Materia Fusion. Once you have made it to the Church which is the starting point of Chapter4, you will have to go in the Missions tab in the Main Menu and you need to select the Mission Set M7-2 (Precious Things).

mission m7

Luckily, you will not have to play the whole Mission Set because you will get the Item Fusion Tome only by completing the first mission of this set. Complete the mission 7-2-1 (Search and Destroy) to get the Item Fusion Tome as a reward and after that, you will unlock the items tab in the Materia Fusion.

Using Item in Materia Fusion

After obtaining the Item Fusion Tome, go to the Materia Fusion option in the Main Menu and you will see the ITEM tab under the Materia tab. After choosing two Materia Items for combining, you will be able to select an item as well that you would like to use on the Fused Materia Item which will certainly give more buff. Not only that, you will be able to choose the quantity of that Item as well.

materia fusion elixir

For example, if a certain potion is giving you a 10% more buff in HP, then you can increase the potion quantity to get even more buff in HP. The Item tab will help you increase your Stat much faster but it will also consume SP. If you add more quantity of Item, the cost of SP will also increase. So, make sure that you have enough amount of SP for the buffed item that you are fusing in Materia Fusion.

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