How to Attack and Block in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is all about surviving in the Dungeon while surrounded by the enemies and lot of deadly creatures. As they are the part of the game, you will have to make your exit by killing them which will take some practice to learn. Dark and Darker’s movement and combat mechanics are very Clunky so you will find it difficult to get hold of them. However, there are some tricks that you can apply to your movement in the combat that will let you hit the enemy as well as block their attacks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can attack enemy and block their attacks in Dark and Darker.

How to Attack Enemies in Dark and Darker

Most of all the new players who play dark and darker will find its mechanics very clunky slow which might confuse them. They can easily get aggressive at the enemies which can get their character killed during the combat and lose all of their loot which is very frustrating. However, the best way to approach the enemy is to let them come to you. As you walk in different areas off dungeon, you will hear all kinds of enemies and once you get to a certain distance, they will start coming toward you. Let them come to you and before they get to close, you need to go towards them and immediately back off. It will trigger their attacking and when they miss their attack, you will have the advantage to land a full Three-Hit Combo at them. You don’t want to aggress at them, you only have to be patience in the fight and let them come to you and attack first so you can dodge it and then make your move.  

Another Approach of attacking the enemies is to keep walking around them. If you walk in a circle, it will mostly miss their attacks and it gives you the advantage to hit them with the heavy attacks. Although, make sure to avoid the fight with more than 2 – 3 enemies at once. All of them will hit at different times so one of the attacks might hit you so take them out one by one to easily clear the areas with the enemies.

Attacking Enemy in Dark and Darker

How to Block Enemies’ Attacks

Dodging the enemies’ attacks are helpful but if you are playing the Fighter Class or Cleric Class that have the ability of holding the Shield then you might want to use the Shield to block the enemy attacks. The Left-Click is permanent for attacking and the Right-Click is permanent for blocking. Your secondary weapon is Shield that you can lift upward towards the enemy by pressing the Right-Click but you will have to lift it up a certain height to block the attacks.

The best way to block it is by crouching and then lifting up the Shield. You can crouch down by holding the CTRL or C button, whichever you prefer the most. Crouching down and holding the shield will cover most of your body which will block most of the enemy attacks. You need to cover your head from the Archers because they can land arrows at your head which will most likely kill you in 1 shot so cover your head with the shield.

Blocking Enemy's Attack with Shield

You can approach the enemies while blocking and when you block their attacks, you will have the advantage to land a couple of hits at them and then you go back to blocking position. It is the most efficient way to do combat in the game as it will allow you to block/dodge mostly all of the attacks and will give you the advantage to hit the enemies.

If you are playing other classes that do not have shield then worry not because your Right-Click will work as a blocking stance of your weapon. If you are wielding a sword or an axe then pressing the block button will let you hold the attacks of the enemies but you will not be able to block the Archers and the Skull Bats so, it is best for you to keep moving around to dodge the attacks and then hit them with your attacks.

Blocking Enemy's Attack with Sword

That is all regarding the Attack and Block techniques that you can do in the Dark and Darker to take out the enemies and keep in mind that the patience is the key to deal damage.

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