How to Farm Gold in Dark and Darker (Golden Key Location)

The Dark and Darker has many useful items in the game but one of the most useful items in the game is Gold. Gold is also the main currency in the game that is used to buy Weapons, Armour, and Utilities. Gold is required to get the new gear from the Merchants whenever you lost all of your gear in the adventure so, it is important to keep extra in your Storage for the need. However, you can earn Gold in many ways but the fastest way to get Gold in the game is by looting the room that requires the Golden Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get gold the fastest way possible in Dark and Darker.

Fastest Way to Get Gold

Players will normally earn Gold by selling their old or worthless items to the Merchants but that will only get you few Gold. The Fastest Way to get the Gold in the game is by unlocking the locked door that contains the Gold Hoard. The Gold Hoard will let players interact with itself unlimited times in the game and every time it will give 50 – 80 Gold along with Bangles and 1 Legendary Item or 1 Epic Item. Players can easily make 700 – 1,000 Gold per run depending on the situation of the zone.

However, the Gold Hoard location requires a key named “Golden Key” which will be used to unlock the door and let you loot the Gold Hoard.

How to Get Golden Key

Golden Key can be obtained in two ways. Either you can get it by defeating a Mini-Boss Skeleton or you can get it from the Utilities Trading Room. Players are selling 1 Golden Key for 1,000 Gold in the Trading Rooms so if you have enough gold, you can get it directly from there and use it on the door to get the loot but keep it in mind that the Golden Key has only a One Time Use so after using it, it will be gone from your inventory and you will have to get it again for the next run.

dark and darker golden key

The Mini-Boss Skeleton can be found in different locations and the skeleton will be wearing a Horn Helmet, wielding a Shield, and a Sword. It looks like a Barbarian/Viking Skeleton. The Mini-Boss Skeleton can be found at the Bottom Tower, Inferno Level, Library, and the Main Hall of the map. If you see him anywhere in one of these locations, encounter him and kill him to loot the Golden Key.

Golden Key Door Location

After getting the Golden Key, you need to go to the new Big Tower in the current playtest map and you need to go up the stairs to find the door that requires the Golden Key to unlock. Once you get up there, make sure that you are equipping the Golden Key in your Utility Slots otherwise, it will not let you open the door. Interact with the door and wait for it to open.

golden key door location

Before you get to looting straight away, there will be a couple of Skull Bats in the room so take them out first. If you are low on the health then make sure to heal first and then go inside the door to loot. Another tip while you go up there to loot is that you interact with the lights on the tower to turn them off so nobody can see you up there in the room. It will let you loot easily and there will be less chances of engaging with other players.

Loot the Gold Hoard

There will be Two Lion Head Chests in the room that you can loot but for that, you will be needing Picklocks or if you are using the Rogue class then it will be easy for you to open them. However, the main thing to loot is Gold Hoard to get Gold and other valuables and Riches. Look at the Gold Hoard and interact with it to start looting and every time you will get a decent amount of gold with other valuables. Make sure that you have enough space in your inventory to store the Gold and Epic Items.

gold hoard loot

Extract and Survive

Once you have filled your pocket with riches, you need to make sure that you survive the dungeon alive by going through the extraction zone. You need to look for the Blue Tombstone to activate the Portal to exit the run and return safely with your Gold.

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