How to Get Rubysilver Ore and Craft them into Rubysilver Ingot in Dark and Darker

There are much more to do in Dark and Darker rather than just fighting and surviving. Players will have to make their class stronger in the game by putting on the Highest-Tier gear and for that gear, players will have to do a lot of Mining in the game. Players will have to get Rubysilver Ores and then turn them into Rubysilver Ingots to make Purple-Tier Armor for their Class which will let them tank more damage from the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how you can get Rubysilver Ores and how you can craft them into Rubysilver Ingot in Dark and Darker.

How to Get Rubysilver Ore

Rubysilver is a Red Shining Rock that can be mined in the game by using the Pickaxe. Players will only be able to mine the Rubysilver rock with a Pickaxe so they will have to get the Axe. They can find it either by killing another real player that has the Pickaxe in his/her inventory or they can get it from the Weaponsmith Merchant.

Before starting the adventure, go to the Merchants tab and select the Weaponsmith to view all the weapons and tools he is offering. Pickaxe is available for all levels off players so select the Pickaxe and pay him 25 Gold for the Pickaxe and you will get it in your inventory. Now, before heading out in the dungeon, place the Pickaxe in your Utility Slot rather than in your inventory and then start the adventure.

Mining Rubysilver Ores

Rubysilver Rocks have random spawns in the game so you will find them mostly hidden in the darkest corner or maybe right in your path. Although they spawn on every level of the map so if you are at the top level, you will be able to mine the rocks. Once you have found the Rubysilver Rock, you will need to interact with it by pressing the F key and your character will start mining the rock which will give you Rubysilver Ores. From every rock you mine, you will get 5 Rubysilver Ores which will take space of 2×2 blocks. If you are mining for more Ores than make sure that you have enough storage in your bag to store all of the ores.

How to Craft Rubysilver Ingot

Rubysilver Ingot is crafted with Rubysilver Ores and you will be able to give the Rubysilver Ores to the Merchants who will craft them into Rubysilver Ingot. There are currently only two Merchants who gives the service of crafting the Rubysilver Ingot. One of the Merchant is Armourer and the other is Weaponsmith. Both of them will charge the same number of Rubysilver Ores from you which is 10 and then craft them into a Rubysilver Ingot and give it you.

Craft Rubysiilver Ingot

Rubysilver Ingot will be used to craft the Rubysilver Armour for your character but you will be going to need many numbers of Ingot for that. Players can also craft the Rubysilver Powder with Rubysilver Ores and the Powder can be used to craft the Rubysilver Clothes for your character which also gives a decent amount of AR.

Since it is the new item in the game, a lot of players will be hunting for the Ores so you will have to be very careful from the enemies.

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