How to Heal in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is an online FPS PvPvE game that takes place in the dungeons. Players will have to look for the loot and riches of the dungeon while fighting through different kinds of monsters and other real players. Fighting is a bit difficult in the game and players will have to survive through the dungeon if they want to keep the item that they looted in the current run. Surviving is much easier when you are keeping your character’s HP to max. You will have to keep healing your character before you get to run into another fight. There are various ways to heal your character in Dark and Darker that you have to utilize throughout your run in the game.

In this guide, we’ll explain you all the methods to heal your character in Dark and Darker.

Use Consumables to Heal

The common way to heal in Dark and Darker is through by using the Healing Potions and Bandages. Both of these consumables can be found in the Dungeon by looting the Pots, boxes, and chests. However, you can also bring these consumables with you in the match so you don’t have to look for them in the match. Healing Potions can be bought from the Alchemist Merchant and the Bandages can be bought from the Surgeon Merchant. 1 Healing Potion will cost you 6 Gold which will heal 15 HP over 20 Seconds. 1 Bandage will cost you 5 Gold which will heal 10 HP immediately.   

For maximum healing effect, you can buy both of them and if you are hurt pretty bad in the game, you can use the Healing Potion first and then use the Bandage to get double healing effect which will recover most of your HP.

Using Healing Potion to Heal - Campfire Kit

Another utility item that players can use in the game to heal is Campfire Kit which can be bought from Woodsman for 24 Gold. It can be used to heal you as well as your teammates. You will have to use the Campfire at a nice location in the dungeon and then put it on fire by interacting with it. After that, you and your teammate will be able to sit around the campfire which will increase a decent portion of HP as well as Skills and Spells of classes.

Use Abilities of Classes to Heal

All the Classes have Perks and Skills that can be used in the match for different Buffs and some of the Buffs are for recovering the HP. Cleric class has the Holy Light spell that can be used to heal an ally for 30 HP. Cleric can also heal himself with the Kindness perk which is activated by healing an ally. It will heal Cleric for 15 HP.

Fighter class can use the Second Wind skill to heal 50% HP over 12 Seconds. If you are playing the Fighter class then you can also use the Victory Strike skill to recover 5% HP by killing the enemy.

Using Spells to Heal

Barbarian also has perks and a skill that can be used to heal in the match. You can use the Morale Boost, and Toughness perks to heal yourself and you can also use the War Cry Skill to heal 25% HP of yourself as well as your allies.

Ranger Class also has a skill named Field Ration which can be used to eat food to restore 25 HP of him and all allies.

Use Healing Shrine to Heal

If you ran out of healing items and abilities and you need to heal then you can heal in the game by praying in front of the Healing Shrine. The Healing Shrine can be used only once and it will recover 100% of your HP. The Healing Shrine is a statue of a lady with a white Sphere on top of it. You can find the shrine in different locations and if you run into one then make sure to use it to get your HP back.

That is all the methods to heal in Dark and Darker for now.

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