How to Hide The Taskbar In Windows 10. Get Rid Of The Taskbar At The Bottom Of Windows 10

The Taskbar in Windows 10 is of particular use. It provides a place to quickly launch your favorite applications all in one place i.e. bottom of the computer screen. It also lets you see information about your computers such as Wi-Fi connection, volume level, and battery left on board.

It’s a great, extremely useful feature for most, but not everyone loves it. This is because it takes up too much valuable screen space.

However, there’s no such thing that would stop you to hide the taskbar in Windows 10.

In fact, you can hide the Windows 10 taskbar through a series of extremely simple steps.

How do I hide the Windows taskbar?

  • Right-click anywhere on an empty spot on the taskbar. This opens a menu of options.
  • Tap on Taskbar settings from the menu. This opens a new windows.
  • Toggle on “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” or “Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode” depending on the configuration of your system.
  • Toggle on “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” or “Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode” depending on the configuration of your system.

How to Hide Taskbar in Windows 10 on Some Screens, But Not Others

If you use multiple screens or monitors, you can opt to show the taskbar on just one or across both displays. This is also done from the same Taskbar setting menu.

  • Switch on the option “Show taskbar on all displays” to on or off, depending on your preferences.
  • Select one or both monitors from the drop-down list to choose where the taskbar buttons will appear.

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Some Important FAQ’s

Below are some of the Important Frequently Asked Questions to help you solve the related problem to the taskbar.

How do I permanently hide my taskbar?

You can sadly not hide the taskbar in windows 10 permanently. There’s no built-in feature in Windows 10 to hide the taskbar. Therefore, you need to search for a third-party application to get rid of the taskbar at the bottom of Windows 10.

How do I hide the taskbar in Windows 10 without activation?

We think this is the best solution to hide the taskbar in windows 10 without activation. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Run this code into cmd to hide taskbar in windows 10 in full screen.
powershell -command "&{$p='HKCU:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StuckRects3';$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=3;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}"

This code will hide the taskbar in windows 10 or windows 7.

How to Unhide Taskbar in Windows 10

You can get the taskbar back in windows 10 by running another command in the command prompt.

powershell -command "&{$p='HKCU:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StuckRects3';$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=2;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}"

This will get your taskbar back to normal. It will also fix the taskbar not hiding when fullscreen in Windows 10.

How do I hide the taskbar in Windows 10 while playing games?

The steps are the same as above:

Use the auto-hide feature of the taskbar and then check. Follow the steps:

1. Right-click on the taskbar, properties.

2.    On the taskbar tab check the option “Auto-hide the taskbar.”

3.    click Apply and OK.

This way you can hide the taskbar when playing a game.

Why is My Taskbar Not Auto-hiding?

You have to make sure that the “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” is enabled. Make sure that the “Auto-hide the taskbar” option is also enabled. Turning the feature off and back on again will fix the taskbar not autohiding problem.

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