How to Make Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Making sandwiches is one of the ways to find different rare Pokémon in the game that are harder to find. Sandwiches have certain buffs that will let you encounter a certain type of Pokémon more often, so it makes it easier to find the Pokémon you are looking for. Sandwiches can only be made in the Picnic mode so players will have to go in Picnic mode and then make the Sandwich at the Picnic table to get certain buffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can make sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Go in Picnic Mode in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Players that want to make Sandwiches will have to go into Picnic Mode to start the Picnic with all the Pokémon in the current Party. Press the X button to open the Main Menu and then select the Picnic option to start the Picnic. A picnic can be started anywhere in the Paldea region but you must choose plain land. The Picnic Table will remain straight which will not let your ingredients fall off the sandwich.

Start a Picnic to make Sandwich

How to Make A Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Once you are in Picnic Mode, you will see all of your Pokémon around the Picnic Table. To start making the sandwiches, you need to go close to the Picnic Table and interact with it. You will see different actions on the screen that you can do and the first action will be “Make A Sandwich”.

After that, you will see a menu of all Sandwich Recipes that you currently have and you will be able to make a sandwich by normally selecting a recipe or by going into Creative Mode. Creative Mode will allow you to add any ingredient to the Sandwich but it will only give you the buff for the correct recipe. One of the Sandwich Recipes that is unlocked for all the players is Jambon-Beurre.

Choose a Sandwich Recipe to make

Jambon-Beurre Recipe only requires two ingredients, Ham and Butter. You need to select this recipe to start making the Sandwich or if you want to make it in a Creative Mode, then you will have to select the Ham from the first list of ingredients and then you have to press the “+” button on the controller to go to condiments list. In the first list, you will select Ham and in the second list, you will select Butter. After that, you just have to select the Pick which will be placed in the Sandwich, and then you will get to make the Sandwich.

Butter will be automatically applied to the lower Sandwich Bread and then you will have to place the Ham pieces on the Sandwich Bread. Place three Ham Pieces carefully on the Bread and if you drop any piece outside of the bread, the sandwich will not give you any buff and it will not be considered as Jambon-Beurre. Once you have placed all three Ham Pieces, place the Top Sandwich Bread and then insert the Pick in the Sandwich to complete the making of the Sandwich and you will get to see the name of the Sandwich that you have created.

Place all the Ingredients to finish making Sandwich

After that, you will get the buffs of the sandwich you created. Like Jambon-Beurre gives an Encounter buff of Ground Type Pokémon through which you can easily catch Bug Type Pokémon.

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