How to Revive Teammates in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is an online survival game in which players get to explore, loot, and extract the dungeon as a Solo or in a Team. The dungeon is filled with many deadly creatures that will hunt down the players along with other enemy players. Surviving Solo is way harder than in Team but sometimes, Teams also get beaten down by Skeletons and Monsters. However, if you get to live while your teammates are dead then you might be able to revive them by visiting the Altar of Sacrifice with Heart Soul, or if you are playing Cleric then you will be able to revive one of your teammates using the resurrection spell.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how you can revive your dead teammates in Dark and Darker.

How to Get Heart Soul of Dead Party Member

The main thing required for the resurrection of your dead teammate is Heart Soul. Heart Soul can only be found on the body of your dead teammate. If you have survived the attack on your crew but your teammates died then worry not, you might be able to bring them back by getting their Heart Soul to the Altar of Sacrifice. Before you get to grab the Heart Souls from dead teammates’ bodies, make sure to check the area that it is clear and then approach their bodies to get the Heart Soul.

Players inventory in dark and Darker

Heart Soul will not simply show up on their bodies if they are wearing body armor. You need to search the dead body of your teammate and remove its Breast Plate. Once you have done that, you will see the Heart Soul on its body. Pick up the Heart Soul and save it in your inventory. Heart Souls cannot be stored in the Utility Slots so you will have to store them in the bag and it will take the space of 2×2 Blocks. If you have to carry more than 1 Heart Soul then make sure that you have enough space in your inventory for all of the Heart Souls.

Altar of Sacrifice Location

After obtaining the Heart Souls from the dead bodies of your Teammate, your next goal is to search for the Altar of Sacrifice. As the name pronounce, it looks exactly like an Altar or you can say a Grave but there are many graves in the dungeon and if you go to the wrong grave, you might awake a deadly Skeleton from inside it. You have to look for a grave with a White Sphere on top of it. Its light is bright so you will be able to see from a distance and it is usually guarded by the Skeletons as well so before you get to use the Altar, you will have to clear the room from the enemies.

Altar of Sacrifice locations are permanent so you will find them in the exact location every time. The locations of the Altar of Sacrifice are in the Tombs and Chapels areas near the Square of the Map as well as the Throne Room. Look in the rooms around the locations to find the Altar of Sacrifice.

How to Use Altar of Sacrifice

Once you have obtained the Heart Soul and found the Altar of Sacrifice, you need to go to the Altar of Sacrifice and interact with it by pressing the F key. If you have the Heart Soul, only then you will get the option to resurrect. Once you started the resurrection, a small amount of your HP will consume in order to bring back your teammate to the game. If you are resurrecting more than one dead teammate then make sure your HP is enough to resurrect all of them. Use the skill to regen your health or drink potions, or use bandages to heal.

Revive Player at Alter of Sacrifice in Dark and Darker

Once the resurrection process is completed, your friend will come back to the dungeon without any weapon or item, and to get his loot back, he will have to go to the place where he died and loot his own body.

How to Revive with Cleric

If you are playing the main support class “Cleric” then you will be able to resurrect your dead teammate without even going to the Altar of Sacrifice. You will have to equip the “Resurrection” Spell in order to resurrect the teammate. Resurrection Spell is a tier eight spell that costs eight Knowledge to cast. This is the highest Knowledge spell in the game and if you cast it to revive the teammate then you might not be able to use other spells as Cleric.

If you have the Resurrection Spell equipped, you need to go to your Dead Teammate’s body and use the spell on it to bring him/her back to the dungeon. However, this spell will only work if the Heart Soul is still on the teammate’s body. Make sure to check if it is there and then cast the Spell to resurrect it. 

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