How to Unlock Fly/Glide Ability for Mount in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon scarlet and Violet will allow players to adventure through the Pladea region where players will get to defeat different Gym Leaders and Titans to claim the badges. Claiming the badges is the primary way to progress in the game and as you progress, you will unlock different abilities for your mount. Players can unlock the Fly/Glide Ability for their Mount by defeating the Quaking Earth Titan Pokémon which can be found on the West side of the Paldea Region.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Fly/Glide Ability for Mount in Pokémon scarlet and Violet.

Why Fly/Glide Ability is Important

Quaking Earth Titan is one of the Titan Pokémon that players will have to defeat at some point in the game if they want to complete the story. However, it is advised to defeat this Titan as early as possible to unlock the flying/gliding ability for your Mount. Unlocking this ability will let you go to places that require huge gaps to be crossed. Players will be able to get to any part of Paldea Region more quickly by flying/gliding and they will be able to explore the new areas to find different items.

How to Get to Quaking Earth Titan – Location

Quaking Earth Titan can be found on the West side of the Paldea Region and it is ranked number 9 on the world map. The ranking is according to the easiest to hardest enemies and it is number 9 which means you can defeat it in the mid-game but if you got to catch a high-level Pokémon in the early game then you will be able to defeat it. The location of Quaking Earth Titan is directly to the West and it can be found in the Asado Desert near the West Province (Area One). The location is the same for both, Scarlet and Violet versions of the game.

Quaking Earth Titan Location

When you get to the Asado Desert, you will get a call that there is a Titan in the area and you will see a Ground Type Pokémon running in the Desert. You will have to encounter him while he is moving. Once he is stopped, you will get to battle Iron Treads, the Quaking Earth Titan.

How to Unlock Fly/Glide Ability for Mount in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Once you have made your way to Iron Treads, you need to defeat it with your top Pokémon. Iron Treads will fight you two times so, you will have to fight it two times in order to completely defeat it. You need to faint Earth Titan both times. Meaning, you have to deplete its HP both times.

Professor Turo telling you about unlocked fly/glide ability

Once you have defeated Iron Treads in the Battle, you will claim the Ground Badge and you will find a Herba Mystica from which your mount will get the ability to fly/glide in the air. You can high jump by pressing the B button and pressing it again in the air will open the wings of your mount and you will fly/glide in the air to cover a great distance in a short period of time.

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