How to Import WhatsApp Chats From ZIP File on iPhone?

You can simply try typical ways for importing data, including backing up your WhatsApp conversations, however, they can lead to problems like losing your data. We advise using Zip files, which assist in restoring data from one device to another, rather than iCloud and Google Drive. How to import WhatsApp Conversation from a ZIP File is the key query, nevertheless.

If you don’t know about this approach and want to know how to use it, we can help. We’ll go over every method you might use in this article to import WhatsApp chat from a zip file.

To discover all the information you need, keep reading the article. But first…..

Can you Import WhatsApp Chats from a ZIP file?

Depending on the type of gadget you have, the answer to this question will vary. Because zip files may be modified and utilized, you can import and restore them for the majority of Android devices.

A ZIP file cannot be exported from a WhatsApp chat for backup purposes or in any other way, and subsequently imported. This is due to WhatsApp only supporting a limited number of exporting and importing formats. Although they let you export your chats, these cannot be utilized as backups because they can be readily altered and fake information can be passed off as real.

WhatsApp does not, however, allow iPhone users to import WhatsApp chat from a zip file. Despite this, you may still control your WhatsApp data with the aid of specialized apps. Read below to know more.

How to Import WhatsApp Chats From ZIP File on iPhone?

It may be challenging to import your WhatsApp chat from a Zip file to your iPhone. In most circumstances, that just isn’t possible. Hence, to import and recover your chats, we advise utilizing third-party software. For this procedure, WhatsMover, iTransor, or WatsGo can be useful. 

In this article, we will discuss how these work.

1. Import WhatsApp Chats From a ZIP File on iPhone Using WatsGo

Restore iTunes Backup

Don’t worry if you have backed up your iPhone data to iTunes but are unsure how to recover it; MobileTrans is the ideal program. Without erasing any data, it aids in restoring iTunes backups. All the content, including messages, images, contacts, and much more, may be effortlessly restored. There are versions of this program for both Windows and macOS. Let’s examine its operation.

  1. On your computer, download and install the most recent version of the WatsGo program. then select “WhatsApp Restore” from the menu.
  2. Connect your phone to your Desktop now, then select the backup file choice. You can select iTunes backup from the list of options that will appear. After finishing, select the file type and click “Restore to Device.”
  3. Your iTunes backup will finally be successfully restored. We advise that you follow the instructions listed below if you want to restore data from a WatsGo backup.

How To Use WatsGo Restore iPhone Backup?

  1. Download and Install the latest version of WhatsGo, then run it. On the screen, many options will be displayed. Select the appropriate option.
  2. Every WatsGo backup stored on your device will be instantly recognized as it is connected.
  3. Choose the backup file from the WatsGo backup that contains the data you wish to extract.

2. WhatsMover

  1. Download WhatsMover and install it. Connect your iPhone, then wait for the computer to begin the procedure. Under the left menu, select Back Up WhatsApp on Devices.
  2. Click the Back-Up button, and then wait while your computer performs its backup.
  3. Click Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup to import your WhatsApp chat history to your new iPhone. Choose the backup you just created using WhatsMover from a selection of backups that will show.
  4. Plug in the new iPhone and unplug the old one. Click the Restore to Device button to import your conversation data after allowing the new device to be detected. On your new iPhone, sign in to WhatsApp to see the imported info.

3. iTransor

  1. Download iTransor latest version on iPhone 13 & iOS 16.
  2. Use a USB cord to link your phone to your computer.
  3. Start iTransor and choose the “Backup WhatsApp on Devices” option.
  4. Initial backup using the program (FREE).
  5. Next, choose the chats you wish to export along with their contents by using the “Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup” function.
  6. Choose export, choose your file format (HTML is strongly recommended), and then click OK.
iTransor for WhatsApp
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