How To Install PotPlayer Skins

With Daum PotPlayer, the skin of the media can be changed, just like other players and it is actually easy to accomplish.
To change the skin of Daum PotPlayer, follow the instruction below:

  • First, you have to download the skin You are willing to use. You can see a list of all Daum PotPlayer skin on this link and can download all use.
  • After downloading the skin you want, Launch Daum PotPlayer.
  • Right Click on Daum PotPlayer Window > click on Skins and then select Skin Settings.
Open PotPlayer and go to the skin settings.
  • The Skin settings window will open, Click open the Skin folder.
click on Open skin folder in Skin settings.
  •  Extract the downloaded skin of Daum PotPlayer, and paste the file (usually in .dsf format) into the opened PotPlayer skin folder.
Extract the download skin in the PotPlayer.
  •  Click on OK to close PotPlayer skin settings, then close Daum PotPlayer.
  •  Launch Daum PotPlayer, Right Right Click on Daum PotPlayer Window, click on Skins, and then select the skin you want to use (Here I copied the Simply dark skin).
  • Immediately, the skin will automatically change to the selected one. Below is a picture of the Simply dark skin for Daum PotPlayer.
Add the downloaded skin in the PotPlayer.
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