Is SnapTube Safe To Use? App Security & Privacy Revealed

SnapTube is a long time player with a big market share. The app has accumulated 30+ millions of users.

SnapTube is a safe and secure app. It has been in the market for a long time. The app has accumulated millions of users, and most of them never experienced anything suspicious from the app.

Snap Tube is safe to use and it will not harm your device or risk your data privacy. It only requires typical user permissions. It is verified by the popular antivirus agencies like CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security. However, SnapTube has been accused of some unethical practices (Search Google).

Is SnapTube App Secure?

SnapTube app enables you to download videos from other websites (apps) to your mobile device in MP3 audio and MP4 video formats. Which violates Google’s copyright rules.

Since the app has not passed the Google Play Safety Test, so it cannot be found in Google Play Store. However, SnapTube is safe and does not have any virus.

SnapTube may have security risk because it requires unnecessary permissions to obtain your info, is developed by an unknown (untrusted) Chinese team, and consumes extra mobile data.

Why is SnapTube Not Available On Google Play Store?

Google does not allow apps on its Play Store that can download videos. Since SnapTube app can do that, which violates Google policy, it’s not on Google Play Store. If you want to use this app, then you have to download it from a third-party website for the latest version.

Actually, it lets you download YouTube videos for offline viewing and sharing it with others. This affects the online traffic and ad revenue of YouTube (a Google Company).

Is It Safe To Download SnapTube App From Other Sources?

Downloading apps from other sources than the Play Store may be harmful for your Android device. Some apps are not legal and they might violate the terms and conditions of Google policy, like SnapTube, VidMate and TubeMate.

The app from unknown sources is not a harmful app or an infected app. It can be, but not being on Play Store doesn’t always mean that it will be harmful. You can download SnapTube and I am also using it. It is a good app.

Anyway, Google isn’t the omnipotent power in this world and there are numerous places where you can download SnapTube APK that can be safely installed on your Android device.

Sakibul Hasan (Reddit User)

User Safety Tip

You may experience tons of ads running inside the application. This is pretty annoying because loads of tricky advertisements may deceive you in installing third-party infected apps, or crypto mining scripts, which may hinder your mobile performance. So we cannot say that it is 100% safe while using. You have to be very careful while using this application.

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