Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga All Cheat Codes

Become invincible and get 10x studs cheats by reading this guide.

Cheat codes used to be an exciting way to add variety to games. In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, cheat codes can be used to change the rules of the game, whether you want to unlock new characters, skins, or ships.

In addition to listing the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga cheat codes, we will also provide instructions on how to activate and use them correctly.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga?

If you have played lego games before like Lego Batman 2, Lego DC Super-Villain, Lego Harry Potter, and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean then this game its easy for you to enter the cheats. In this Lego game, there are two locations within the game menus where you’ll find a code entry screen, which will let you type in any of the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga cheats listed above. 

  • Open Holoprojector > go to the Extras tab > click on the Enter Code option at the top.
  • Enter the Pause menu and select the key icon labeled Enter Code.

If you enter the code correctly, you’ll receive a notification to confirm it has been accepted and reveal what has been unlocked.

Lego Skywalker Saga All Cheat Codes

Here are the Lego Skywalker Saga all cheat codes that you can use on PC, Xbox, Switch, and many others platfroms. By using the given cheats you can get capital ships, unlock all characters, levels, become invincible, gets studs x10, and much more. So, let’s take a look at the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga codes.

Using the cheats will unlock one of the two things in the game. A new character(or at least new skin for a character) or a ship. You need to enter the cheats each time you boot up the game like in the old days because once a cheat code is accepted, that unlock is permanently available to you.

Cheat CodesCheat Effect
KH7P320Aayla Secura
XV4WND9 Admiral Holdo
WOOKIEEChewbacca (Holiday Special)
C3PHOHOC-3PO (Holiday Special)
SIDIOUS Darth Sidious
WROSHYRDarth Vader (Holiday Special)
TIPYIPSD-O (Holiday Special)
LIFEDAYGonk Droid (Holiday Special)
3FCPPVX Grand Moff Tarkin
BAC1CKP Mister Bones
WBFE4GONute Gunray
KORDOKUPoe Dameron (Holiday Special)
Z55T8CQPoggle The Lesser
GR2VBXFRatts Tyerell
ARVALA7Razor Crest (Mando’s ship)
SHUTTLEResistance I-TS Transport ship
T9LM1QF Shmi Skywalker
SKYSAGA Temmin Wexley

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Survey Code

If you have been exploring the options within the game, you may have come across a notification encouraging you to go to the official website to complete a survey for Lego Star Wars. By completing the survey, you will receive a code, SKYSAGA, that can be used to unlock Temmin “Snap” Wexley as a playable character. This code is the same for all players who complete the survey.

All Regular Lego Skywalker Saga Cheats and How to Unlock Them

The cheat codes that are available for purchase are similar to the entertaining and unusual codes that were popular in the past, including the well-known “big head mode.” Once bought, these codes can be turned on and off in the menu, so you do not have to continue playing with them if you do not want to.

Here’s every cheat in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga:

Studs x2Studs collected are worth twice as much. This can be combined with other stud multipliers for even bigger bonuses.1,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Studs x4Studs collected are worth four times as much. This can be combined with other stud multipliers for even bigger bonuses.2,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Studs x6Studs collected are worth six times as much. This can be combined with other stud multipliers for even bigger bonuses.8,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Studs x8Studs collected are worth eight times as much. This can be combined with other stud multipliers for even bigger bonuses.48,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Studs x10Studs collected are worth 10 times as much. This can be combined with other stud multipliers for even bigger bonuses.384,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Super GNK DroidAdds a golden GNK droid to the party. Super GNK is invincible, moves very quickly… and has a mustache.1,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Porg CompanionA porg companion will aid you in battle, occasionally sending enemies into a frenzy with a piercing scream.500,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Baguette LightsabersTurns all Lightsabers into freshly baked baguettes. Devastating AND delicious!250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Galaxy RaveTurns Galaxy Free Play into a fun disco for all to enjoy! Be aware, while the Galaxy Rave is active there is a chance that characters in-game will be too busy grooving to your actions in-game!500,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Television ModeAdds an old-timey screen effect to the game. This can’t be activated at the same time as Retro Mode.250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Hologram ModeGives playable characters and ships a hologram look!500,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Retro ModeAdds a retro-style screen effect to the game. This can’t be activated at the same time as Television Mode.250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
GNK CiviliansReplaces all civilians with GNK droids.1,000,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Mumble ModeReplaces all voices with mumbles for the classic Lego Star Wars experience!Free!
Comedy WeaponsBlaster and other ranged weapons are replaced with silly items. Don’t worry, they still work normally!250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Rainbow EffectsCertain attack effects are replaced with sparkly rainbow versions.250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Cantina MusicThe infamous earworm from Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, as heard in Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley, will play on a loop.250,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Big Head ModeGives playable characters giant heads! Note that certain characters are immune to this effect.500,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
Pew PewProjectile sound effects from ranged weapons (such as blasters) are replaced with mouth-made versions.500,000 Studs
x1 Datacards
Universal TranslatorAllows any playable character to understand any language. Give that trusty protocol droid a well-earned break!500,000 Studs
x1 Datacard
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