Potplayer Subtitles Guide: How To Add/Turn Off/ Adjust Subtitles to Videos

In this guide, we have explained Potplayer subtitle settings, and shortcuts to instantly add subtitles to your favorite movies, Tv shows, and series.

For better understanding, we have added images to guide you through the process. After reading this article you will learn

  • How to add subtitles in PotPlayer with automatic detection
  • How to turn off subtitles in potplayer
  • How to download subtitles automatically with PotPlayer
  • How to adjust fonts or position of subtitles in Potplayer

Before moving on we recommend you download PotPlayer’s Latest version. You may not find subtitles settings if you are using an older version of Potplayer

How to add/enable Subtitle in Potplayer?

If you have already downloaded movie subtitles from any website and want to add them on Potplayer but you don’t know how to add Subtitles on Potplayer. Just follow the steps

  • You can add subtitles to the movie using Potplayer by simply Drag and Drop method. You just have to drag subtitles files into a relevant folder in SRT format and drop it on the Potplayer screen where the movie is running.

Tip – Potplayer also let you check the meaning of word appearing as subtitles. Simply hover over the word and click it.

If the Drag and Drop method is not working, then don’t worry. Just follow the steps.

  1. Open the Potplayer.
  2. On the top left corner right click on the Potplayer.
  3. A Menu will appear.
  4. Go to Subtitles > Add/Select subtitles > Add subtitle
  5. A window will open select the subtitle .srt file and select open.
How to add/enable Subtitle in Potplayer?

How to Auto Search and download Subtitles in a Potplayer:

In case, if you want to download subtitles automatically from the Potplayer. Simply just follow the steps which can solve your problem.

  • Open the Potplayer
  • On the top left corner, Click on the Potplayer, and a menu will open
  • Go to Subtitles > Subtitle Searching > Download Subtitle.
How to Auto Search and download Subtitles in a Potplayer
download Subtitles in a Potplayer

A new screen will open then search subtitles by file name. Wait for a minute, it’ll load all the possible subtitles from sites. After this, select your desired subtitle language. After selecting, click on load subtitle language and your subtitles will appear.

How to adjust subtitles on Potplayer?

If you want to change the subtitles’ font, style, position, or alignment then follow the below steps.

  • Open Potplayer.
  • On the top left corner, Click on Potplayer and the menu will open.
  • Go to Subtitles > Subtitle Style > Adjust subtitle
How to adjust subtitles on Potplayer?

After opening subtitle style, you can increase or decrease the font sizes of subtitles by pressing Alt + PGUP and Alt + PGDN respectively. Also, you can move subtitles Up, Down, left, and right or by pressing Alt + up, Alt + Down, Alt + Left, and Alt + Right respectively.

How to disable/turn off the subtitles on Potplayer?

You can simply turn off subtitles on Potplayer by just pressing Alt + H or if this shortcut does not work then follow the steps.

  • Open the Potplayer.
  • On the top left corner, Click on Potplayer and the menu will open.
  • Go to subtitles > Show/Hide subtitles.
How to turn off the subtitles on Potplayer
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