How to Defeat Ken & Dragon Twins in River City Girls 2 – Boss Fight

Kyoko and Misako will get to fight different elemental bosses in River City that Yakuza has hired and at the end of the game, one of the earlier bosses will return with two other enemies. Ken will return to battle with his own two recruits.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Ken & Dragon Twins in River City Girls 2.

Ken & Dragon Twins – Boss Fight Location

Ken & Dragon Twins Boss Fight will take place on Rooftop of School and players will get to unlock R.C.H.S area after they have defeated Primo. Primo has sent out hazardous food in the school which will turn the kids for Sabu. Kyoko and Misako will have to make their way to R.C.H.S area of River City and they will get to Battle Ken on the rooftop of school.

As you have defeated Ken earlier in the game, his moves will be the same but a little quicker. Although, he has brought his own two recruits which are the teenagers of the school and both of the recruits has the ability to throw the Star Blades along with hitting with a bat.

How to Defeat Ken & Dragon Twins

If you have remembered Ken moves, then it will be very easy fight as all of his moves are the same, but he will be doing them frequently. At the start, he will use his gun to shoot you down along with calling his recruits to throw the Star Blades. You can dodge them by moving out of the way of the bullets and the blades. Ken will stay mostly in the fight, and you can launch your heavy attacks along with combos on him to deal great amount of damage. The Dragon Twins will come in the fight to hit you with the bats and then go back. You can dodge their attack by simply blocking and keep your main focus on Ken.

After depleting his first HP Bar, his guards will come down with the barricades and guns. Go under the barricade where is no guard to dodge the machine gun attack and keep an eye out for the Dragon Twins as they will throw the blades. Dodge the attacks and aggress on Ken to deal damage to him.

Don’t forget to call your own recruits in the fight as well because they will deal a great amount of damage as well. Ken will be throwing the grenades as well during the fight so keep an eye out for the target marker on the floor to dodge them. Other than that, keep hitting Ken until his second HP bar depletes.

fight ken

His guard will do the fire machine gun attack again after his second bar is depleted. Dodge the attack and the grenades as well by him and deal damage to him when he comes back to the fight. He will start shooting his gun in all direction so dodge the bullets and the aggress him to deal more damage to him.

He will be repeating his moves after that, so keep your main focus on Ken and dodge his attacks and hit him with the combos and the heavy attacks or call your recruits on him to deal damage and knock him out.

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