How to Defeat Primo in River City Girls 2 – Boss Fight

River City Girls 2 game has different types of enemies and bosses that Kyoko and Misako have to defeat to stop Sabu. Yakuza has ordered his goons and other families to stop Kyoko and Misako. One of the end-game main bosses that Kyoko and Misako will encounter is Primo a Fabulous Chef in River City.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Primo in River City Girls 2.

Primo – Boss Fight Location

Primo Boss Fight location will take place in Primo’s Kitchen in Primo’s Restaurant on Beach Plaza location in Ocean Heights area of River City. Kyoko and Misako will have t et in a disguise and then interact with the waiter outside the Restaurant to get inside the Lobby of Restaurant. Kyoko and Misako will have to make their way to Kitchen’s Primo to get access to the fight.

Primo basic attacks are his Knife combo and you will be to dodge it by moving away from it. Blocking the combo will not help and it will deal a great damage as well. Although, he will not have anything else to protect him so you can launch your all sorts of combos on him to defeat him.

How to defeat Primo

At the start of the fight, Primo will have two moves and you need to dodge both of them because they cannot be blocked. The first move is a three-hit knife combo that deals a great amount of damage. The other move is that he throws the knives in all the battle area by spinning. You can dodge it by moving around or jumping above the knives.

After he has done throwing the knives, you will be able to catch him with your combo and heavy attacks to deal a great amount of damage. You can also call out the recruits to deal damage to him as well.  

After depleting his first HP bar, he will enhance his knife throwing move and now the knives will come back as well. You will have to doge the knives twice so make sure to dodge all of them by jumping or moving to the sides. The rest of his moves will remain the same and you can easily deplete his second HP bar as well by connecting combos and hitting the special attacks.

How to defeat Primo Boss Fight

After you have depleted his second HP bar, he will increase his attacks. At the start, he will create a fire around himself and then will call out the dancers along with the fire lasers on the ground. The dancers will be dancing around him so there is no way to hit him. However, the easiest way to dodge this attack is by going in the bottom left corner.

The dancers will not reach this position and you will only have to dodge the fire lasers by jumping up. After dodging the attack, aggress him with your combos and attacks to deal damage to him. You will have to dodge a couple of more of his attacks before you get to knock him out so, just dodge the attacks and hit him when you get the advantage.

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