How to Defeat Provie in River City Girls 2 – Boss Fight

River City Girls 2 game has different types of enemies and bosses that Kyoko and Misako have to defeat to stop Sabu. Yakuza has ordered his goons and other families to stop Kyoko and Misako. One of the main bosses that Kyoko and Misako will encounter is Provie (Block Rocking Badass).

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Provie in River City Girls 2.

Provie – Boss Fight Location

Provie Boss Fight will take place in Dance Floor which can be accessed by making your way through Wes’ Nightclub in Yokocho location in the Uptown area of River City. Players will have to pass the dancing test to get access to Wes’ Nightclub and then beat the enemies in the club to reach the dance Floor. Defeat the players in the Dance Floor to unlock the Boss Fight.

Provie is a street dancer with very cool moves and she will decide to take you on in the dance arena by battling you in style. She will be using her leg moves to deal damage to you and lots of her moves will consider different types of elements so you will have to look out for them as well.

How to Defeat Provie

Provie attacks will be based on the leg works and she will be free styling throughout the fight but you can get close to her pretty easily and deal damage to her because she likes to showoff very often. She will be showing off to the crowd and the crowd will start cheering for Provie and that is your advantage.

While she is showing off, she will be vulnerable to any type of attack so you can even hit your special at this point to deal high amount of damage. As you deal her more damage, she will begin to move around in the arena to re-position herself. Make sure you block her attacks by pressing the block button until there are no elements coming out of her boy while she is doing the attacks.

How to defeat Provie in River City Girls 2 Boss FIGHT

Once you have depleted her first bar of HP, she will begin to move quickly in the arena and there will be elements coming out of her body. Make sure to dodge it by jumping over her and moving around and when she stops, she will be stunned for a bit. So, take advantage of hit and hit her with the combo. The robots on each side of the arena will start functioning and they will be throwing the fire waves in the arena. You can only avoid them by jumping over them. They will be shooting continuously so you will have to fight Provie and dodge the fire waves from this point.

However, you can identify when the fire wave is coming because the robots will throw a laser on the dance floor and then throw the fire wave so, when you see the laser, be ready to dodge the fire wave. She will also be doing attacks with different elements coming out of her body and you cannot block it simply, you will have to dodge them. Once she has done her move, you will be able to aggress her and deal damage to her.

After depleting her second bar of HP, she will start to do fire elemental freestyle so keep your distance from it and she will also be launching heavy attacks on you by a drop kick. Make sure to dodge these attacks and then aggress her with your combos or if you are maintaining the distance then you can also call your recruited enemies to deal damage to her.

defeat provie

The fight is pretty simple, you just have to avoid her elemental moves and the fire waves of the robots in the fight and whenever she is showing off or stunned, you will be able to do massive damage to her by combining your moves. You can also call the recruited enemies while you are dealing damage to her to deal even more damage to her. Once you have depleted all of her HP bars, she will be knocked out.

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