River City Girls 2 How to Heal Up

River City Girls 2 is full of action and fighting in a Beat-em up style. Kyoko and Misako story continues from the previous game and Yakuza is putting everything on the line to stop them and the goons will hunt them in every corner and block of River City. Fights can get intense in River City Girls 2 especially in the mid-game and end-game because enemies will become harder and deal more damage. For the adventure, it is necessary to keep something in your inventory to heal up.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal up in River City Girls 2.


Kyoko’s or any other character’s Health is displayed on the HUD on top of the screen with Red Bar. The Redd bar has several bars which indicates the total health of your character. You can take a couple of hits or a single Heavy attack to deplete a single bar and if more enemies are hitting you at a single time, your health will deplete much faster. The health will not regenerate its own so players will have to eat something that replenish Stamina by a percentage.

The Healing items can be seen in the Inventory which can be seen by opening the phone and selecting the first app which is Items. In the inventory you will see all the food and drinks you have bought and you can eat them by selecting them and choosing the option “Confirm”. Your health will be regenerated according to the number of stamina it replenishes.

healing items

Buying Healing Items

The Healing Items that replenish stamina can be bough from the shop that sells food or drinks. Each area of River City has many different shops that sells these items and players will need to go inside the Shops to browse through the items and buy it with in-game currency. Upon buying the items, you will get two options. You can either eat the item right away or you can store it in the items. It is better to store items for the journey ahead because you might need it in a boss fight or a fight scene with goons. If you are low on health then you can eat it right away to regenerate your health.

buying heal items
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