River City Girls 2 – How to Recruit Enemies

River City Girls 2 is a Beat-em up style action-fighting game and it is a sequel to its original game. It is mainly famous for the combat in beating style. The new addition to the series will continue the story from the previous game as well as some of the game mechanics as well. One of the popular and efficient mechanic in the game is Recruiting Enemies that allow Kyoko to add random goons to the party and call them when she requires assistance.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to recruit Enemies in River City Girls 2.

Fighting Scenes

River City Girls 2 is very similar to its original game with all of the combat mechanics and other stuff. Like in the original game, players will fight in different areas of River City and every area has different location where they will fight with Goons in a scene. From the start of the game, whenever you go to a new location, you will get to fight the enemies and defeating all then enemies will clear the scene from that location. Some scenes are tough because enemies can come from flank as well and in that case, the most useful mechanic is Recruited Enemy. Kyoko and Misako can recruit the enemies from the scene which can be call later for assistance in tough fights.

How Recruiting Enemies Work?

While clearing out the fighting scene, Kyoko and Misako will get to recruit enemies into their crew. In order to recruit the enemies from the fighting scene, you will have to clear all the enemies and the last enemy will get to their knees and ask for Mercy. The mercy icon will be shown on the enemy and Kyoko will get to retrieve that enemy by choice.

She can either kill the enemy if she does not want to recruit or recruit it by holding the enemy by interacting with action button and then press the L2 or R2 button. Both of the buttons will work to recruit the enemy and it will be added to the crew.

The recruited enemies will show up on the screen and you can only have two recruited enemies at a time. All the other recruited enemies will be sent to Kyoko’s house and if you want to change the Recruited enemies, go to the Kitchen and you will get the option to interact. Press the button to open the Recruits list and all the recruited enemies will be showing in the list. You will be able to select any two from the recruited enemies.


Call Recruit Enemies in Fights

After recruiting the enemies and equipping them, you will be able to call them out in the fight whenever you need assistance. To call out the Recruited Enemies into action, you will have to press the L2 or R2 button and if you want to call out both of the recruited enemies, then press it twice to call both of them.

The recruited enemies will perform their signature move on the enemies and then go back. Their health can be seen in the HUD on top of the screen. Once their health is completely depleted, they will be removed from the crew.

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