7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 10 in 2021

26th of July 2016 was the last date when Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. Fortunately, most of the Windows users considered this opportunity and did upgrade to Win 10.

While comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 10, the latter one is the best Windows version so far. It’s full of new handy features, sleek under the hood improvements.

Even before Windows 10 release in 2015, Windows users are asking many questions on different forums.

These questions usually revolve around should I upgrade to win 10? is windows 10 good? should I get windows 10? is windows 10 worth it? should I update to windows 10? should I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7? is windows 10 better than Windows 7?

After its release, many experts wrote Windows 10 review. These Windows 10 reviews were a bad call for new users who were or are still thinking about Win 10 upgrade.

Although Windows 10 system requirements are not very high it still causes many problems. This post mainly revolves around these problem/issues which are faced after Windows 10 upgrade.

Don’t Upgrade To Windows 10

As already explained that a free Windows 10 upgrade looks very tempting to most users. But Windows 10 might not be the operating system for you. Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t upgrade to Win 10.

No Windows Media Center or DVD Support

i don't have enough space to upgrade to win 10

Before we explain major shortcomings of Windows 10, lets take a look at what you are going to loose after Windows 10 update.

Once you upgrade to Windows 10, it completely kills windows media center. Although Windows 8.1 pushed the windows media center to the dark sides, in Windows 10 it’s completely removed.

No doubt, the windows media center is very popular, most people don’t use it. But if you like this app then you wouldn’t want to upgrade to Windows 10.

Although Kodi, Plex, and DVR workaround are some good alternatives to the media center, it’s up to you to decide.

Then again if you upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, remember that Windows 10 doesn’t offer DVD playback. But of course, there are alternatives for that problem as well.

Privacy Issues

privacy issue in windows 10

Windows 10 privacy issue was and continues to be a major concern. Microsoft does tell us their procedure of collecting users’ data. What they don’t explain to us is the exact list of data which they have already collected as a part of their ongoing efforts.

The industries like Microsoft have developed a habit of dismissing privacy concerns. No Doubt Apple, Google, and Facebook also do the same. But over time they have developed to protect the privacy of users.

So when you upgrade to Windows 10, it automatically sends feedback and allocates part of the device bandwidth for the P2P update service.

Windows 10 tracks your activity through store app, edge, location, typing, and installed program. Then it uses this data to target ads.

Adds and More Adds

windows 10 shows more adds

After upgrade to Windows 10, it not only tracks your store app but it uses this data and forces you to look at ads and more ads. A pop-up notification telling you to get office when you have already download the office on your PC irritates you.

These ads are also shown on the lock screen and start menu. You can disable ads on the lock screen by, Start> Setting> Personalization> Lock screen> Turn off. And to turn off ads in the start menu go to Start> Setting> Personalization> Start menu> Turn off.

Forced Windows 10 Updates

forced windows 10 update

Updates for Windows 10 are good especially when you have upgrade Windows 10 from the previous version. It brings important security patches and fixes Windows 10 problems.

But Windows 10 forces you to update your computer whenever a new update comes. You don’t have any option except to update your machine.

When you are doing an important task Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates to your computer. These unethical tactics only prevent potential users to refrain from an upgrade to windows 10.

Thankfully there are few ways to avoid automatic updates, but they involve huge hassle. At the very least you can schedule when your device restarts after an update.

Less Software Compatibility

upgrade to windows 10

In the wake of a forced upgrade to Windows 10, there comes another problem which is software incompatibility. Old software are not bad for Win 10, but most of them now don’t work in win 10.

If you use any particular software for your work then do a quick google search. Make sure this software is compatible before you upgrade to Windows 10.

For Example, office 2003 and software requires Windows 7 or XP mode doesn’t work in Win 10. There also a new feature called Microsoft upgrade adviser. It tells you whether any software is compatible or not, unfortunately, this feature also doesn’t work properly.

Insufficient System Requirement And Old Peripherals

upgrade to windows 10

The system requirements for Windows 10 aren’t very high, but still, PCs are unable to meet them. Especially Windows 10 minimum requirements are 20GB for 64-bit version Windows 10 and 16GB for the 32-bit version. This version also requires a 1GHz or even faster processor.

For those who ask how much ram does windows 10 use? The answer is 2GB of RAM for 64-bit and 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit Windows 10 version. It also needs DirectX 9 or later with a WDDM 1.0 driver.

Another issue is old peripherals, Windows 10 has been released almost a year ago. With its release, many peripheral-makers have also released updated Windows 10 compatible drivers for their devices.

Before you upgrade to Windows 10, it’s suggested that you check and make sure that all your peripherals will work. From keyboards and mice to speakers and graphics cards could be affected.

One Drive Doesn’t Work Properly

upgrade to windows 10

Another factor that can force you not to upgrade to Win 10 is its unresolved issues with one drive. The problem of visibility of folders in file explorer and the option to drag and drop still persists. You cannot drop the file unless you are signed in.

Win 10 asks you to choose the folder shown in file explorer and when selected other folders become inaccessible. But Microsoft has promised to fix one drive problem.

These are some of the main issues which most users will face after upgrade to windows 10…..

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