Internet Explorer For Mac 5.2.3 (Old Version)
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Classic internet browser with improved performance and faster page load time.
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Microsoft Corporation
April 23, 1996
6.8 MB
5.2.3 (Old Version)
Mac OS X
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Internet Explorer For mac is discontinued but here we have for you the official old version to download on your Mac devices. Internet Explorer 5 for Mac is the best browser from Microsoft to open old web pages. It has improved performance with faster page load times. New standards support for next-generation sites and completely revised F12 developer tools are also introduced in it.

It is important to mention here that Internet Explorer 5 is no longer supported by Microsoft but you can still download Internet Explorer for Mac from our download page. This product support Mac OS X 10.6 and older.

This classic internet browser requires 8 MB RAM, 12 MB hard disk space, Open Transport 1.2, and QuickTime 3.0. If you want to try it for a trip down memory lane then download internet explorer for mac as it’s the best choice.

It is fitted with the Tasman browser engine to transform HTML documents and other resources from a web page into an interactive digital representation on your device. IE for Mac supports PNG image standard, DOCTYPE switching, Text Zoom, and XML source view.

The web browser can also be used as a compatibility solution for websites that are not compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

The main problem with Internet Explorer 5 for Mac is that Microsoft ended its support in 2002. From thereon it has become an old browser, thus it isn’t compatible with some of the standards that have been implemented in the last few years like HTML 5 or even with the latest versions of Java or Flash.

We strongly advise you to download FirefoxChromeSafari, or Opera instead. Alternatively, just check out all of the other browsers available for Mac

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