[Guide] Best Rogue Build in Dark and Darker

If you like to play the game in stealth mode and sneak around the enemies without knowing them in Dark and Darker then you should consider picking the Rogue class. Rogue build in Dark and Darker is the sneakiest class as it has the ability to go completely invisible and pass the enemies without knowing them. But it is also one of the classes that has the lowest amount of HP so, coming out of the dark will kill you instantly. However, the Class’s Perks and Skills will allow you to get certain buffs that will let you have more fun sneaking around in the dungeon.

In this guide, we have explained what are the perks and skills of the Rogue in Dark and Darker, and how you should build Rogue in solo and team play. We’ll go through the basics of the Rogue Class works and then list down all of his Skills and Perks that you will be able to select.

Dark and Darker Rogue Build Overview

Rogue build in Dark and Darker is the best class for sneaking around in the dungeon and getting out of the encounter with enemies without knowing them. It is the fastest class in the game that will let you move faster than any other class and open chests and doors in moments. You will be able to open chests without lock picks and even detect the death traps spread in the dungeon. Playing Rogue will only allow players to wield Daggers or a Rapier to deal damage to enemies in the shadows or ambush them from behind. As this class is faster and sneaky, it can only wear clothes and Leather Armor so players will have to avoid heavy enemy attacks and multiple encounters.

The build of the Rogue will consist of Perks and Skills which you will use in your Solo play or Team Play. Although, it is the best class for Solo runs to gather loot quickly from the chests, do the extraction, and then make gold by selling the loot to the Merchants.

All Perks of Rogue Build

There are 10 Perks of the Rogue Class in Dark and Darker in the Class Menu from where you will be able to select Four Perks in total as you level up your Rogue Class to Level 15. At the start, you will only be able to add 1 Perk in the Perks Slots and the rest of the slots will unlock as you level up your Rogue character. The 2nd Perk Slot will unlock at Level 5, the 3rd Perk Slot will unlock at Level 10, and the 4th Perk Slot will unlock at Level 15. The list of all Perks available for the Rogue Class is the following.

  • Ambush: It will allow you to deal extra 50% damage to the enemies in under 3 Seconds after coming out of the stealth.
  • Backstab: It will allow you to deal extra 30% damage to enemies from behind.
  • Creep: It will let you move quieter while crouching as well as walking.
  • Dagger Expert: Using a Dagger will deal extra 5% damage to enemies.
  • Hidden Pockets: All the items in your Utility Slots will not be shown on your characters such as Potions and Heart Cores. It will make your character stealthier in the shadows.
  • Lockpick Expert: It will let you Lockpick the chests even if you don’t have the Lockpicks in your inventory.
  • Pickpocket: It allows you to steal an enemy item without killing them.
  • Poisoned Weapon: Hitting the enemy with a successful attack will apply a poison debuff that deals 4 Magic damage to the enemy for 4 Seconds. You can also stack this up to 5 times at once.
  • Stealth: If you are hiding, you can move 10 steps while crouching or walking.
  • Trap Detection: It will highlight all nearby traps in the area and you will be able to disarm them.
rogue build perks and skills

All Skills of Rogue

There are 4 Skills for the Rogue Class in Dark and Darker that can be equipped from the Class Menu of the game. You will be able to apply any 2 Skills to your character at any time, even from the start of the game. The list of all Skills available for the Rogue Class is the following.

  • Hide: It will make you invisible completely and you will be able to change the Equipment but changing position or activating another skill will reveal your position.
  • Rupture: It will make the enemy bleed for 20 damage over 5 Seconds on the next attack after activating the skill.
  • Smoke Bomb: It drops a Smoke Bomb at your feet that covers an area of 7.5m for 20 Seconds and slows down the enemy’s Movement Speed by 15%.
  • Weakpoint Attack: It deals 50% additional weapon damage to the enemy on the next attack after activating the skill and also reduces the target’s defense by 50% for 5 Seconds.

Best Rogue Build For Solo and Team Play

You can enter the match as a Solo Player as well as a Team Player with your friends but the class build matter in both cases. The Gameplay in both scenarios will change and you might get to play the Rogue as a Support Class in a Team and as a Stealth Class in a Solo. It will matter in the situations like, you get to ambush the enemies from behind or assist your allies to get out of the fight by covering the fight area with a Smoke Bomb.

For the Solo Build, equip the Hide and the Rupture as your Skills. It will allow you to deal extra damage to the enemies when you get encountered by them and the Hide will let you go invisible if you hear real players coming towards you. You can just stay still until they leave the area, allowing you to make your way around them without even knowing them. With these Skills, you can equip Creep, Poisoned Weapon, Stealth, and Backstab. While you are hiding with your skill, you will be able to move 10 steps far from the enemies with the help of Stealth and the Poisoned Weapon and Backstab will allow you to deal bonus damage to the enemies in the encounter. 

For the Team Build, equip the Rupture and Weakpoint Attack as your Skills for massive DPS damage on the enemies. All the extra damage bonus will let you deal an extreme amount of damage to the enemies and with a bit of coordination with the team, you will be able to tell them which enemy is weaker so they can kill it easily. With these Skills, you can equip Poisoned Weapon, Creep, Backstab, and Trap Detection. This will allow you to play as a supportive character and disarm the Traps for the team to access the areas without any harm. The other Perks with the Skills set will allow you to deal massive damage so the players in your team can finish them off easily. You can also creep around in the areas without giving sound to see what the next area holds for you.

Rogue team build

This is all for the Rogue Class in the Third Playtest of Dark and Darker. There may be changes coming in the next Playtest or when the game releases so, stay tuned for that. Until then you can test out your Rogue Class by equipping different Perks and Skills, and see what suits you better.

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