Fixed: Dev Error 6068 Warzone on (DirectX, Overclock, AMD)

DEV ERROR 6068 – DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error.
How to get rid of dev error 6068 on WarzoneModern Warfare COD?

When you click the Play button in to run Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone you are encountered with dev error 6068 or its variant error.

COD Error highlights that there’s a problem with Direct X, or you might have Overclocked AMD GPUs. Other causes include outdated drivers and Windows, third-party overclocking tools.

In this article, we have explained solutions to fix dev error 6068 warzone & MW problems.

  1. How to Fix Dev error 6068 Modern Warfare
  2. Change VideoMemoryScale Options
  3. Use DirectX 11 to Run COD
  4. Disable Overclocking of CPU/GPU
  5. Scan and Repair the Game Files
  6. Run COD as Administrator
  7. Deactivate Game Overlay Feature
  8. Set the Game Windows Borderless
  9. Update Windows and System Drivers
  10. Using Taskbar Set the Priority High for Call of Duty Process
  11. Run the SFC and DISM Commands
  12. Lower the Particle Settings of the Game

How To Fix Dev error 6068 Modern Warfare

You can easily fix COD – Modern warfare Dev error on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Just apply these fixes and see which works for you. The result of these solutions has been tested and verified by online users.

Fix 1 – Change VideoMemoryScale Options

Warzone users recommended this solution on forums and luckily he was able to fix dev error 6068 instantly.

  • Open up your File Explorer
  • Navigate to Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players
  • Open up the adv_options.ini file
  • Find the line that says VideoMemoryScale
  • Change the value to 0.5
fix modern warfare dev error 6068

Fix 2 – Use DirectX 11 to Run COD

Dev Error on Modern Warfare pops up due to DirectX related issue. So if you have DirectX 12 are likely to face errors more, configure the game to run DirectX 11. We will use launched:

  • Open the launcher and click on Options.
  • Click on Game Settings.
  • Here you will see the Additional Line Argument option Tik the checkbox.
  • Now type -d3d11 in the command line argument text box.
  • Press Done.
  • Now launch Call of Duty and check if the problem is solved.

Fix 3 – Disable Overclocking of CPU/GPU

Many users who have AMD GPU tend to overclock it to get more power. The Dev Error 6068 Modern Warfare is also occurring because you have an overclocked GPU or CPU.

Simply reducing the clock speed or resetting your CPU/GPU to its stock speeds will solve the problem.

Fix 4 – Scan and Repair the Game Files

If the game files are corrupted run a scan it will reinstall the missing files.

  • Open the launcher app for Call of Duty.
  • Click on Call of Duty: MW on the left side without Running it.
  • Click on Options adjacent to Redem a Code to open the menu
  • Then select the Scan and Repair option.
  • Press the Begin scan button to confirm.
  • If the any game file found missing or corrupted it will be downloaded.

Fix 5 – Run COD as Administrator

COD utilizes certain files and services and if it’s can’t get access to these privileges then you may see Dev error 6068 and alike. To fix this from Run warzone or modern warfare as administrator. users follow these steps:

  • Open the launcher and without running open the Call of Duty window.
  • Click on Options.
  • Now click on Show in Explorer
  • Now Find a .exe file in the Call of Duty Folder and Right-Click on it.
  • From the sub menu, click on Run as an administrator and check if the problem is solved

Steam users follow these steps:

  • Open Steam launcher and go to Liberary
  • Right click on COD warzone in your Steam Library.
  • Go to Properties then the Local Files tab.
  • Click Browse Local Files.
  • From the game folder locate the .exe file
  • Right Click on it and choose Run as administrator.

Fix 6 – Deactivate Game Overlay Feature

The third-Party applications that have Overlay features are the main cause of Dev errors 6068 and 6071. If you have installed these programs i.e. Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, AMD Overlay, Game Bar, Discord Overlay, or MSI Afterburner.

Deactivating/Disabling or Uninstalling game overlay and performance monitoring applications can fix Dev Error 6068 Warzone.

For Instance, to disable Game Overlay in Nvidia’s GeForce Experience follows these steps:

  1. Exit the game and kill all of its related processes through the Task Manager.
  2. Launch the GeForce Experience.
  3. In the left pane of the GeForce Experience window, click on the General tab.
  4. Scroll down to find out the option of In-Game Overlay and switch off position.
  5. Save changes and then Exit the GeForce Experience.
  6. Now, launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare to check id it has fixed Dev error 6068.
Disable In Game Overlay of GeForce Experience

If you have installed any other tool that has an Overlay feature then either disable or uninstall it.

Fix 7 – Set the Game Windows Borderless

First only use one display if you are using multiple displays or change the game mode to Borderless. It will resolve the COD Dev Error 6068 warzone.

To change the game mode to borderless follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Call of Duty, click on Settings, and then click on the Graphics tab.
  2. Then expand the Display Mode and in the sub-menu, click on Fullscreen Borderless.
  3. Now save the changes and check if the Dev Error 6068 has been resolved.
Change Display Mode to Fullscreen Borderless

Fix 8 – Update Windows and System Drivers

Outdated Window OS or software is another cause of Dev Error while playing call of duty. Many users report stop code errors and Dev Error 6068 on an outdated PC. To update Windows:

  • Press Windows logo key + I and click on Update and Security > Windows Update.and type Updates.
  • Now click on Check for Updates button.
  • Now, wait, as the Windows will scan to potential updates.
  • Once you see any pending update click on the Download button to install Windows update.

You should also update system and device drivers using the driver updater tool for Windows 10 with just one click. Once your system gets updated check if the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068 problem is resolved or not.

Fix 9 – Using Taskbar Set the Priority High for Call of Duty Process

Try to change the process’s priority high in the taskbar. This fix can solve modern Warfare Dev Error 6068.

When you set high priority to high the CPU and GPU transfer more juice to the running process. To do this:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on the Task Bar from the list.
  2. Now find Call of Duty process from the list and click on the Detail tab.
  3. Right-click on the Call of Duty process and click on Set Priority.
  4. From the drop-down list select high

Now launch COD: Modern Warfare to see if it has fixed Dev error 6328.

Fix 10 – Run the SFC and DISM Commands

Corrupted OS files and system files are another cause that triggers the Modern warfare Dev Error 6068 problem. To fix it run Windows built-in tools called SFC and DISM.

To run the SFC Scan, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + X, a list will appear to, click on Windows Powershell (Admin) also known as command prompt.
  • In the following windows type sfc /scannow command and hit enter.
  • It will start a scan to fix corrupt files, so wait till it finihes

To run the DISM tool, follow these steps:

  • Again Open Command Prompt or Windows Powershell as Admin
  • Type and Enter command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Then launch the game to check if it has fixed Dev Error 6068.

Fix 11 – Lower the Particle Settings of the Game

If you encounter the Dev error 6068, you can lock the frame rate to fix this problem. Alternatively, you can also fix modern warfare errors by lowering the particle settings of the game.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Panel of the NVIDIA.
  • Click the Manage 3D settings.
  • Open Program Settings and choose Call of Duty from the given list.
  • Modify the vertical sync setting to the Adaptive Half Refresh Rate.
  • Launch Call of Duty to check if the error is fixed.

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