CE-100028-1 PS5 Error – There is not enough free space on SSD

PS5 Error CE-100028-1 – There is not enough free space on your console SSD?

The screen might also read ce-100028-1 something went wrong?

What is PS5 Error CE-100028-1? There is not enough free space on the SSD?

Returnal something went wrong ce-100028-1 error indicates that there is not enough free space on your console’s Solid State Drive (SSD). PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1 usually occurs when you try to update your games or install the ps5 system software update version.

This can possibly give you ps5 update something went wrong error. It can also spot on screen if you try to download and install a new game. These are some of the reasons why returnal ce 10028 1 occurs on your PS5 screen.

How do I Fix PS5 Error Code CE 100028 1?

Since PS5 error ce-100028-1 occurs when you’re running out of free space on your SDD, freeing up some space should fix it.

Take Note Of: Sony has already confirmed that PS5 users won’t be able to expand their SSD storage which is quite unfortunate. Therefore, you must free up some space on your SSD to get rid of ps5 returnal ce-100028-1 error.

Below are step-by-step instructions to fix error code CE 100028 1 and resolve ps5 says not enough storage issue permanently.

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Solution 1 – Check For Storage Space to Fix PS5 Error CE-100028-1

Try to check the storage space on your console’s SSD to check if ps5 memory is full. To do this:

  • Go to the Settings Menu from the PlayStation’s home screen.
  • Select Storage > System Storage.
PS5: How to Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-100028-1 "There is not enough free space on the SSD"

If you see no space left on to install or download any new data on your PS5, try deleting some of the unused or unnecessary content from the system to free up some storage space.

This method will fix Error Code CE-100028-1.

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Solution 2 – Delete Data from PS5 to Fix ps5 something went wrong ce-100028-1

Delete the unused data from the system to free storage space. Here’s how to do this:

  • Highlight the unused Data you want to Delete.
  • Press ‘Select’ then ‘Delete’.
  • This will remove the data from the system storage.

Now go back to home screen, press options button and select Delete to remove the data from the home screen.

Note: If your PS5 have enough storage space left, yet you see PS5 Error CE 10028 something went wrong then perform a factory reset. Therefore, take a cloud data backup of your games, saved game data, and settings etc.

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Solution 3 – Factory Reset

Factory Reset can also solve server connectivity, download queue error, ps5 memory full, and other issues related to PS5 system. However, remember that on reset, everything will be rubbed out from the console and the system whether it be a game, data or any other content.

If you think it is okay to do, then first perform a backup of the date on your cloud storage.

  • Launch Settings Menu > Saved Data and Game/App Settings, then select Saved Data
  • Choose the type of the data you want to backup and click Next. Backup will begin.

Once its done, proceed to Factory Reset to fix ps5 error ce-100028-1.

  1. Now choose the type of data you want to backup and click Next.
  2. And PS5 backup will begin

If you think it is okay to do and have done a backup of these, then do the following.

  • Launch the Settings Menu from the PS home screen.
  • Choose System > System Software > Reset Options > Reset Your Console > Reset.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Reboot your console.

Once everything is up, sign in to your account again and install the previously installed games or apps.

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Solution 4 – Extent Storage Via USB Drive to fix ps5 system update something went wrong Error

If you want to extend the storage space without deleting anything from your console, then try to use the USB Drive Storage. Here’s how to do this.

  • Format the USB Flash Drive in FAT (File Allocation Table) type as extended storage on your console and it’ll be ready to use.

PlayStation Plus Subscription packs users can easily use storage to save data in the cloud. This will keep your system storage free to some point.

These methods will help you to solve ps5 something went wrong ce-100028-1 error.

Some Important FAQ’s Regarding the Topic

Below are some FAQ’s that will help you to understand the issue properly and resolve PS5 error CE-100028-1.

What SSD does PS5 use?

PS5 is equipped with 825GB NVMe SSD, which provides blazing fast load times. However, only 667GB is only there for use. This can be due to any updates probably.

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