How to Fix PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

It’s extremely unlikely for a new console to release without some kind of issue.

Unfortunately, Sony’s PlayStation 5, or more specifically the DualSense controller has been gaining a ton of negative feedback for a fault in their joystick.

Therefore, in this guide, you will learn about :

  • What is a Joystick Drift?
  • How to Identify Stick Drift or How do I know if my controller has drift?
  • What Causes PS5 Controller Drift?
  • How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift?

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What is a Joystick Drift?

A joystick drift also known as thumbstick drift is the condition in which something is causing the current value to change when you’re not actually changing the stick position.

How do I know if my controller has drift

Joystick Drift is when your controller analog stick moves on its own, even if you’re not touching the controller.

This will interfere with playing games as will alter the movement or the aiming dramatically and that’s why we are here to help you fix the PS5 Controller Drift.

What Causes PS5 Controller Drift

Drift switch on your controller can happen for multiple reasons:

  • There could be something like dust or skin flakes along the resistive track or on the wiper which would change the flow of current between the contacts in an unpredictable way.
  • PS5 controller analog stick drift also happens when the conductive material along the track could be damaged from wear and tear. This could trigger a bad signal.
  • Sensors underneath the stick are either being triggered by something or are failing on a software or mechanical level

Now that you have learned what causes the PS5 controller drift, it’s time to Fix Ps5 Controller Drift and stop your controller from drifting while you are indulged in the game.

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Does the PS5 controller have drift?

DualSense controllers seem to suffer the same drifting phenomenon as the ps4 DualShock 4 and the Nintendo’s Joycons in this case. But, there are ways to fix the issue.

How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift

The following steps will help you to fix ps5 controller analog stick drift and get back on your gaming:

Solution 1 – Reset Your PS5 DualSense Controller

  • Look on the back of your DualSense for a small hole where the reset button is hidden. 
  • You will need something like a paperclip to gently insert and hold down the button for five seconds. 
  • After it has restarted, wire your controller back into the PS5 and see if the drift is still present.

Solution 2 – Reset the Bluetooth to fix PS5 Controller Drift.

  • Launch Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Communication Method ad then hit ‘turn off bluetooth’.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then turn it back on and test it out.
How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift. Stop Your Controller From Drifting

This should fix the ps5 controller drifting problem without opening it.

Solution 3 – Update your PS5 and Controller to Fix Controller Drift

When you launch your PS5, you see this greeting notification about an update that removes all the possible bugs surrounding the DualSense Controller.

If you did not update at that time, make sure you do it now.

  • Go into Settings > System > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software and choose update using internet.
  • Your console will look for any updates and apply it if it does not automatically.
  • If you get an update, wait for it to install.
  • Reboot your ps5 console and see if the your ps5 controller is drifting.

Solution 4 – Clean the joysticks

It is all too easy for dust, grime, and oils from our hands to seep in and cause havoc inside our brand new ps5 console controller in a trivial time.

For instance, if the debris of Dorito ends up in the wrong place under the thumbstick, things can go wrong then.

So, you have to make it a routine to make sure your controller stays clean and functional from all these impurities.

It’s simple and here’s how you can do it to fix PS5 Controller Drift.

  • Make sure DualSense is turned off.
  • Give it a once over with the compressed air, spraying in short bursts as your spin the thumbstick in a full circle.
  • You’ll need a toothpick or anything similar to work gently.
  • You can also use wet wipes but make sure not to push them against your controller too much because they tend to release more of their fluid upon exerting more force on them, which can damage your DualSense controller’s internals. Run it along the edges of your analog stick’s base and let it dry off for a few minutes.

Note: If you take your controller apart to give it a more thorough cleaning, it may void your warranty depending on your supplier’s terms. You should only go down this route if your DualSense is out of warranty.

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Solution 5 – Take off your thumb grips

Thumb grips are great.

However, the bottom of the barrel may be made out of plastic that significantly degrades over time.

This causes the thumbstick to either stick or gets around to the corner of its movement area which causes the ps5 controller to move on its own.

You can recognize sony ps5 controller analog stick drift if you recognize or feel stickiness playing with the thumbstick.

Therefore, take them off and if it fixes ps5 controller drifting.

You can put them back on if you make sure it isn’t the cause of the issue or look for alternatives if thumb grips are the problem makers.

Solution 6 – Adjust the Input Threshold on Your Dualsense Controller or Adjust the Dead zone

The input threshold is also known as the dead zone.

It is the area in which the thumbstick doesn’t register any movement which means that the game won’t register any movement in the range of motion you move the stick.

If controller drifting is light, then this solution can help you to fix the ps5 controller drifting.

However, it only works for certain games.

  • Head into the controller settings on some (but not all) games.
  • You will notice that there is an option to change the size of the controller’s input threshhold on that stick.
  • Increase the deadzone/input threshhold on the stick that’s showcasing stick drift. For eample, if it’s the ps5 right stick drift then increase the deadzone on the right thumb stick.

Note: This is not an option at the system level which is why it is a temporary solution.

Does Sony fix stick drift?

If your dual sense controller is still under warranty and assuming you have your proof of purchase, you should be able to return it to Sony and get a free replacement.

The return process is fairly simple but yes it consumes a considerable time.

  • Head over to playstation fix and replace page.
  • Select the DualSense option and the site will guide you through a range of questions to diagnose the issue and start the return of the ps5 controller.

Since the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is under warranty for one year after the purchase of it or the PS5 it came with – as long as it’s under warranty, you can contact Sony and request your controller to be serviced.

  • Call (800) 345-7669. Choose options: 1, then 1 again
  • They will ask you to complete the preminalary steps given above.
  • The representative will then give you the information required to send in your PS5 controller for service.

Note few things here:

  • You may need to wait a while before your call makes it to the front of the queue.
  • You would have to provide your own box and cost of shipping to send the controller.
  • If the controller gets lost or misplaced in shipping or by sony in negligence, the Sony representatives will replace it as long as you can prove them it was sent to the correct address. Therefore, save your shipping receipt.
  • It’ll approximately take 7-10 business-day timeframe for them to repair it and then there’s additional time for the controller to be at their facility. Apart from that the additional time it takes for dualsense to arrive to actually get back to you as well.
  • On an average it will take for over two weeks for every things to get in place.
  • It is however, much better than buying a replacement.

How Not to Fix Your Drifting PS5 Controller?

There were few things that we’ve mentioned above to stop my Sony ps5 controller from drifting.

However, there are few things you don’t have to do. Just refrain from it.

  • Don’t take your ps5 controller apart meaning do not attempt to open up your DualSense controller. This will void the ps5 controller drift warranty. There’s also no reason to get inside unless the problem is mechanical, in which case you wouldn’t have the parts to fix it anyway, so set your screwdriver aside for now.
  • Don’t saturate it with water, or get it wet at all really. Rubbing alcohol in small quantities, properly applied, is more than enough. Alternatively, you can also use cleaning slime to fix PS5 DualSense Controller Drift problem.

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