How to Defeat Tsuiko in River City Girls 2 – Boss Fight

Kyoko and Misako will get to encounter different types of enemies and bosses that are hired by Yakuza and Sabu. They have hired all kinds of characters to prevent us to stop Yakuza and one of the end-game bosses that Kyoko will get to face is Tsuiko who is an Influencer Extraordinaire.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to defeat Tsuiko in River City Girls 2.

Tsuiko – Boss Fight Location

Tsuiko Boss Fight will take place in Biosphere where Kyoko will have to defeat Tsuiko’s friends to take the elevator up to Tsuiko Room. The Biosphere location is in the Technos area of River City.

Tsuiko is always influencing on the social media an she will be using her drones to stop you so, you will have to look out for the drones’ attacks and other than that, you can deal damage to her to take her out.

How to defeat Tsuiko 

As the fight start, Tsuiko will create a shield around herself to prevent most of the damage by Kyoko and you will be able to hit her if you get close to her. Although, you will not be dealing full amount of damage to her. The easiest way to deal more damage to her is by hitting her with the full combo along with calling out both of your recruited enemies. This will deal massive damage to her and cause her shield to break for a millisecond.

The shield is controlled by the Red Robot above her which will cause her to teleport around in her room. While she teleports, her shield creates a shocking explosion on both ends. Make sure you keep a distance, otherwise, you will get electrocuted by the explosion. There will be two white drones revolving around Tssuiko, protecting her while shooting down the lasers. Don’t get hit by the lasers as they will deal fire damage to you. Go between the lasers and then start hitting Tsuiko to deplete her first Hp bar.

After depleting her first HP bar, she will call out two lanes of White Drones but you can dodge them by simply going through the gap. Dodge the drones and then start hitting her again with the combos and recruited enemies. She will also call out her robotic friends to assist her so make sure to take them out first because she will be calling out more of her friends and it will become difficult to defeat her while getting hit by all sorts of robots. Repeat the process of hitting her through the shield to deal damage and after you have depleted her second Hp Bar, she will rain down the robots again. Dodge the robots and hit her with the combo.

How to defeat Tsuiko fight

In the last bar of her HP, she will call out two more drones to protect her which makes it way harder to hit her. You can find an opening when she teleports because drones take time to reach her and you can easily get to her before they do. So, take an advantage of this. There are four blue platforms in her room and she will cause platforms to produce electric current.

Make sure, you are not standing on them because you can get electrocuted. Stay in the middle and jump around to reach her and deal damage to her by calling out the recruits. You will be dealing more damage as her shield is getting weaker so, it will not take too long to knock her out.

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