Scrap Mechanic Survival Console Commands for God Mode, Infinite Ammo & Health

Scrap Mechanic Survival has various console commands to unlock the God Mode, and get infinite ammo, and health in the game. Using the console commands & cheats makes the game easy to play & complete Scrap Mechanic Survival.

In this article, we’ll tell you all the active Scrap Mechanic Survival cheats and how to activate them. So, let’s dive in.

How To Cheat In Scrap Mechanic Survival?

To enable/activate console commands in Scrap Mechanic Survival you need to follow the below steps.

  • Go into the game files and open SurvivalGame.lua with an app like Notepad++
  • Find the line “if g_survival then”, and change it to “if true then” to enable cheats for survival mode.

Now you’re ready to cheat. Here’s how to use the cheats via the in-game console. The first thing you need to do is press Enter to open the in-game chat.

Survival Mode Commands

Here is a list of all the Scrap Mechanic Survival mode console commands with Dev Mode enabled. By using these console commands you can enable God Mode, can get ammo, Shotgun, and much more. There are also Scrap Mechanic fly & clear commands but these commands are only for Creative mode not for Survival Mode.

These commands are only available in Survival Mode with Dev Mode enabled. The descriptions listed are the official in-game help descriptions.

NameUsageIn-Game Description
Ammo/ammo [(int)quantity]Give ammo (default 50)
Spudgun/spudgunGive the spudgun
Gatling/gatlingGive the potato gatling gun
Shotgun/shotgunGive the fries shotgun
Sunshake/sunshakeGive 1 sunshake
Baguette/baguetteGive 1 revival baguette
Keycard/keycardGive 1 keycard
Powercore/powercoreGive 1 powercore
Components/components [(int)quantity]Give <quantity> components (default 10)
Glowsticks/glowsticks [(int)quantity]Give <quantity> components (default 10)
Tumble/tumble [(bool)enable]Set tumble state
God/godMechanic characters will take no damage
Respawn/respawnRespawn at last bed (or at the crash site)
Encrypt/encryptRestrict interactions in all warehouses
Decrypt/decryptUnrestrict interactions in all warehouses
Limited/limitedUse the limited inventory
Unlimited/unlimitedUse the unlimited inventory
Ambush/ambush [(number)magnitude] [(int)wave]Starts a ‘random’ encounter
Time of Day/timeofday [(number)timeOfDay]Sets the time of the day as a fraction (0.5=mid day)
Time Progress/timeprogress [(bool)enabled]Enables or disables time progress
Day/dayDisable time progression and set time to daytime
Spawn/spawn [(string)unitName]Spawn a unit: ‘woc’, ‘tapebot’, ‘totebot’, ‘haybot’
Harvestable/harvestable [(string)harvestableName]Create a harvestable: ‘tree’, ‘stone’
Clear Debug/cleardebugClear debug draw objects
Export/export (string)nameExports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint
Import/import (string)nameImports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint
Starter Kit/starterkitSpawn a starter kit
Mechanic Start Kit/mechanicstartkitSpawn a starter kit for starting at mechanic station
Pipe Kit/pipekitSpawn a pipe kit
Food Kit/foodkitSpawn a food kit
Seed Kit/seedkitSpawn a seed kit
Die/dieKill the player
Set HP/sethp (number)hpSet player hp value
Set Water/setwater (number)waterSet player water value
Set Food/setfood (number)foodSet player food value
Aggro All/aggroallAll hostile units will be made aware of the player’s position
Go To/goto (string)nameTeleport to predefined position
Raid/raid (int)level [(int)wave] [(number)hours]Start a level <level> raid at player position at wave <wave> in <delay> hours.
Stop Raid/stopraidCancel all incoming raids
Disable Raids/disableraids (bool)enabledDisable raids if true
Camera/cameraSpawn a SplineCamera tool
No Aggro/noaggro [(bool)enable]Toggles the player as a target
Kill All/killallKills all spawned units
Print Globals/printglobalsPrint all global lua variables
Clear Path Nodes/clearpathnodesClear all path nodes in overworld
Enable Path Potatoes/enablepathpotatoes [(bool)enable]Creates path nodes at potato hits in overworld and links to previous node
Activate Quest/activatequest [(string)name]Activate quest
Complete Quest/completequest [(string)name]Complete quest
Set Tile Bool/settilebool (string)name (bool)valueSet named tile value at player position as a bool
Set Tile Float/settilefloat (string)name (number)valueSet named tile value at player position as a floating point number
Set Tile String/settilestring (string)name (string)valueSet named tile value at player position as a bool
Print Tile Values/printtilevaluesPrint all tile values at player position
Reload Cell/reloadcell [(int)x] [(int)y]Reload cells at self or {x,y}
Tutorial Start Kit/tutorialstartkitSpawn a starter kit for building a scrap car

As the game has its own console command for almost every mode so there’s no need to download the Scrap Mechanic cheat engine. However, if you want to use cheats by downloading the trainer, then FearLess Cheat Engine is the best Scrap Mechanic trainer to use cheats. Simply visit its official site to download & install the trainer.

Scrap Mechanic Commands Not Working

If the Scrap Mechanic console commands not working make sure that you’ve entered the console in the right way. That’s it. This is mainly the cause of console commands not working.


How do you mod survival Scrap Mechanic?

Just follow the below steps.

  • Launch the “Scrap Mechanic Mod Tool“.
  • Press “File” > “New Mod” > “Blocks & Parts” which creates a new Blocks and Parts mod.
  • Type in a name for your mod and press “Ok“.

What is the point of Scrap Mechanic survival?

Scrap Mechanic is an open-world sandbox survival game created by Axolot Games. It strives to be a game where you explore, scavenge, and collect objects from all over a wide-open interactive world. With these gathered objects you can build shelters, moving vehicles, and machines that can help you survive.

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