Sims 4: High School Years All Cheat Codes

The Sims 4: High School Years is the newest expansion pack that focuses on the high school experience of teen Sims. This pack also includes many familiar features from previous Sims games. As a result, many players are searching for new cheat codes to use with the new pack.

In this article, we will provide you with all the cheat codes for Sims 4 High School Years, as well as instructions on how to use them. So, let’s take a look.

How To Use Cheat Codes in The Sims 4: High School Years?

If you have played the sims 4 games like Cottage living then it’ll be easy for you to enter cheats. But in Sims 4 High School Years it is a little bit different to use cheats. It all depends upon which device you’re playing. To use cheats on different gadgets are given below.

  • On PC: Press CTRL + Shift + C to bring up the cheat console.
  • On Mac: Press CMD + Shift + C.
  • On PlayStation 4 and 5/Xbox One and Series X or S: Press the four shoulder buttons on your controller at once. 

Once the cheat console is up on your screen, type in testingcheats on and this will enable cheats in your game. Moreover, you can move objects, get unlimited money and can unlock all items in Sims 4.

Sims 4: High School Years All Cheat Codes

Here are all the Sims Highschool cheats for grades, football, cheer cheats, and much more. You can use these cheats in PC, PS4, PS4, and Xbox consoles. So, let’s take a look at all the sims 4 high school years cheats.

Increasing Grades Cheats

If you are finding it tedious to complete your Sims 4 homework and want to improve your grades, the following cheat can assist you in completing the task.

  • If you have The Sims 4 installed without High School Years, type careers.promote highschool.
  • If you have High School Years installed, type careers.promote career_Teen_Highschool.

You can also lower your Sim’s grades by replacing ‘promote’ with ‘demote.

Graduation Cheats

If you want to bypass the difficulties of school and either move your teen Sim on to the next stage of their life or experience the consequences of being expelled, these cheats can help you achieve that.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
High School Dropout trait_HSExit_DropoutDrop out of high school
traits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_earlyGraduate early
traits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_expelledGet expelled
traits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_honorsGraduate with honors
traits.equip_trait trait_hsexit_graduate_valedictorianGraduate as Valedictorian

Prom Cheats

The following cheats can change certain aspects of prom-related events, such as guaranteeing acceptance of your prom invitation or causing disappointment after not receiving one. Additionally, the “broken prom pact” cheat will make your Sim feel guilty for breaking a promise to take someone to prom and going with someone else instead.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
enamored_st_hsprom_impressedbypromposalImpressed by ‘promposal’.
bitter_st_hsprom_noprominviteResentment following no prom invite.
guilty_st_hsprom_brokenpactGuilty about broken prom pact.
hurt_st_hsprom_brokenditchpromiseHurt after being ditched for prom.
close_st_hsprom_skippingpromtoetherBecoming close to ditching prom together.

Relationship Cheats

During high school, it is possible to form strong relationships and lifelong friendships. These cheats can assist you in building your Sim’s connections with others by helping them make a positive first impression, create lasting memories, or even develop a crush.

Cheat CodesCheat Effect
close_st_goodfirstimpressionMaking a good first impression
close_lt_iknowtheyvegotmybackThey have your back
close_lt_theyunderstandThey understand
st_openablewindow_successeventLasting memories
close_lt_twopeasinapodTwo peas in a pod
close_st_throwfootballbondingmomentBonding moment
crush_lt_genericGive your Sim a crush

Career Cheats

High School Years add new career opportunities, such as “Simfluencer” and “Video Game Streamer.” You can use the following cheats to advance your Sim in their chosen profession. If you want to decrease their job level instead, simply replace “promote” with “demote” in the cheat code.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
careers.promote teen_simsfluencersidehustleSimfluencer (teen)
careers.promote parttime_simsfluencersidehustleSimfluencer (adult)
careers.promote teen_streamersidehustleVideo Game Streamer (teen)
careers,promote parttime_streamersidehustleVideo Game Streamer (adult)

Skill Cheats

In High School Years, your teens have the ability to develop Entrepreneur skills. This 5-level skill can be advanced through various activities such as taking on odd jobs, freelancing, selling outfits on the Trendi app, and working in part-time careers like “Video Game Streamer” and “Simfluencer.” As you increase your Entrepreneur skill, you will unlock new perks such as the ability to participate in a reality show and gain a new reward trait for your Sim. You can use the following cheat code to quickly max out your Entrepreneur skill.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
stats.set_skill_level adultminor_entrepreneur 5Entrepreneur skill cheat

Other Sentiment and Trait Cheats

The following traits and sentiments can affect how your teen Sims behave or interact within their environment, for example, feeling uncomfortable around certain Sims or acting awkwardly in social situations.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
needsdistance_st_friendCreeped out
traits.equip_trait PartyAnimalParty animal
 traits.equip_trait SociallyAwkwardSocially awkward
st_openablewindow_faileventLame adventure
traits.equip_trait OverachieverOverachiever

More Sentiment cheats

Bitter about Broken Prom Promisehurt_st_hsprom_brokenditchpromise
Close From Ditching Prom Togetherclose_st_hsprom_skippingpromtoether
Bonding Momentclose_st_throwfootballbondingmoment
Creeped Outneedsdistance_st_friend
Guilty about Broken Prom Pactguilty_st_hsprom_brokenpact
Good First Impressionclose_st_goodfirstimpression
Impressed by Promposalenamored_st_hsprom_impressedbypromposal
I Know They’ve Got My Backclose_lt_iknowtheyvegotmyback
Lasting Memoriesst_openablewindow_successevent
Lame Adventuresst_openablewindow_failevent
Two Peas in a Podclose_lt_twopeasinapod
They Understandclose_lt_theyunderstand
Resentful About No Prom Invitebitter_st_hsprom_noprominvite

After School Activity Cheats

The following are cheats to get instantly promoted in the ranks of after-school activities.

Cheerleadingcareers.promote cheer
Chess Teamcareers.promote chess
Computer Teamcareers.promote computer
Scoutscareers.promote Scout
Football Teamcareers.promote football
Drama Clubcareers.promote DramaClub

Jobs Cheats

Teen Sims can work part-time jobs while in school. The following cheats can immediately advance your Sim in their chosen job. To decrease their job level, replace the word “promote” with “demote” in the cheat code. (Please note that these cheats are specifically for teen Sims, for adult Sims the cheat will be different).

Simsfluencercareers.promote teen_simsfluencersidehustle
Video Game Streamercareers.promote teen_streamersidehustle
Babysittercareers.promote Teen_Babysitter
Baristacareers.promote Teen_Barista
Fast Food Employeecareers.promote Teen_FastFood
Lifeguardcareers.promote Teen_Lifeguard
Manual Labourercareers.promote Teen_Manual
Retail Employeecareers.promote Teen_Retail

That’s it. Tha’s all you need to kno about Sims 4: High School Years cheats.

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