[Guide] How Do Merchants Work in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is an online survive and extract game where players will encounter different deadly creatures along with other real players. The main purpose of the game is to explore the dungeon, take out the enemies, take loot from bodies or chests, find the extraction point to extract, and sell the riches and unnecessary items that you found in the raid to the Merchants. New players will find it a bit confusing how Merchants works or what exactly are they.

In this guide, we’ll explain you what are the Merchants and how you can buy and sell items or achieve their services in Dark and Darker.

What Are Merchants & How Do Whey Work

Merchants are your friendly traders which can be found in the Merchants tab of the main menu. There are total of 12 different Merchants in the game that will deal specifically in certain items. For example, Armourer will sell you Armor related stuff, Tailor will sell you clothes, Weaponsmith will sell you different weapons, and etc. However, you cannot only buy items from them, you can sell them their related items as well to make money. Not only that, Merchants will also give you the services that you will be needing to get higher-tier gear or fix your old gear.

Merchants are there to help you in the game and provide you with all the Armor, Clothes, Weapons, and Utilities that you need for your Adventure. However, each Merchant has their own quests as well which players can complete to increase the level of the Merchants. It will help the Merchants to increase the items in their own inventories so players can buy more items from them. However, these quests are not yet in the game so it might come in the next playtest.

Buying and Selling Items to Merchants

As you level up through the game, you will also change your Gear, Armor, and Weapons to a higher-Tier which leaves you with your old gear. The Old Gear will only take place in your Storage which is not very spacey so, what you want to do is that sell those items to relative Merchants to make Gold. The default Trade position of each Merchant is “Buy” that can be seen under the Trade tab of the Merchant. If you want to Buy items then you don’t have to change it, but if you want to sell your old items or gold riches that you found then you need to change it to Sell position.

buying items from merchants

Changing it to Sell Position will list the price of each item in your inventory that Merchant can buy. You will see the exact amount of each item and you just have to Hold the Shift key and press Left-Click to send an item for trade and Merchant will give the relevant amount of gold for that item. After that, you will see the “Make Deal” option highlights and you just need to click it to complete the Trade. This principle is also same in the Buy position as well. You just have to select the item and then put the required amount of gold for that item and then Make the Deal to complete the Trade.

Crafting and Repairing Services

The Merchants also provide useful services like Crafting items and Repairing items. Players will have to use the services of the Merchants to get the higher-tier items without spending a lot of gold. Crafting will only require the materials for the certain item that you want and you will get the item in your inventory and if you want to get the item from the other players, then it will cost you a lot of gold.

To achieve the Crafting Service, switch the Trade tab to Service tab and it will be automatically on the Craft position. This will show you all the items which that Merchant can craft for you. The Merchant will only require the resources for the item you want to craft and then you will get the item. However, to achieve the Repairing Service, switch the Trade tab to Service tab and then change its position to Repair. You will get to give the relative broken or damaged items to the Merchant and he will repair it for you. However, not all Merchants give the service of Repairing so, you can only get them from a few Merchants.

Crafting and repairing services - Trader

That is everything regarding the Merchants and a quick tip before starting your adventure in the Dungeon is that make sure to visit the Alchemist and Surgeon (Merchants) to buy Healing Potions and Bandages for your adventure because you do not want to lose all of your gear.

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