How to Do Trading in Dark and Darker

There are many mechanics in Dark and Darker that players will have to learn apart from the Combat Mechanics to make progress in the game. One of the newly added systems in the game is Trading from which players can become a trader themselves. Player will be able to buy or sell items, that other players are looking for or items are hard to find from Merchants.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how trading works, and how you can become a trader to buy or Sell items in Dark and Darker.

How Trading Works in Dark and Darker

Trading is a system that added in the 3rd Playtest off Dark and Darker which allows players to trade items with other players. Players will be able to join in a certain room of category to find the items that they are willing to buy or sell items. There are three types of Trading Room in the Trading system that specifies the type of items which are currently trading. The rooms of the trading are the following.

All three of these categories have their three own rooms where more than 400 players can trade at a time. If you are not finding an item in the first room, you can join the other to find the item there. Once you have found the item you are looking for, you will be able to request that person for the item and then give them a required amount of gold or an item that they want to complete the trade.

How to Become a Trader

In order to take part in the Trading, you will have to become a Trader. Becoming a Trader will require you to pay a Fee of 25 Gold for once. To do that, you need to select the Trade tab in the main menu of the game and you will see the room categories on the right and a message on the left side. Under the message, there will be an option named “Become A Trader”. You need to select the option and you will get to see the Rules and Requirements to become a trader. If you are eligible with all of the Requirements then you will have the option for becoming a Trader, if not then you will have to meet the Requirements and then you will be able to become a trader. The Requirements of Becoming a Trader are the following.

  • Minimum Level: 5
  • Invitation Fee: 25 Gold
  • Monthly Dues: 0
  • Cost Per Trade: 15 Gold
Trader Guild Membership- DARK and Darker

Once you have became the Trader, you will be able to join all of the categories to buy the item or sell the item.

How to Trade in Dark and Darker

Trading with the real players will require you to become a member which is also done by becoming a trader. If you want to buy or sell weapons then join in the Weapon Trading Room, if you want to buy or sell Armour then join the Armour Trading Room, and if you want to buy or sell utilities then join the Utilities Trading Room.

After joining the certain room, if you are selling items then you need to select the item by Holding the Shift key and Pressing the Left-Click button and it will send the item’s notification in the Trading Chat. After that, you need to enter the Gold amount you want to sell it for or you can also type in a name of another item to replace it. Press the Enter to send the message of your item in the chat and then you need to wait until someone requests you to make a trade.

how to trade dark and darker

Once you have gotten the request, accept the request to go to the next window where you will make the trade. Enter the item you want to sell and wait for the other item to fill the required amount of Gold or required trading item then you need to click on the Check mark under your section to make the trade.

If you want to buy the item from the trading room, then you need to look through the chat and look for the item you want to buy and once you found it. Click on it and you will get to request the trade. Make the request and once the other person accepts it, you will move on to the Trading Window and then follow the same steps to complete the trade.

That is all regarding to the Trading system and it is very helpful to get the things that you are not getting from Merchants or finding them in the game. Make sure to join in the rooms to get the items or sell the items to make your character even better for the future adventures.

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