[Guide] Best Barbarian Build in Dark and Darker

If you are more focused on dealing high damage to the enemies in Dark and Darker then you should consider picking the Barbarian class. Barbarian Class in Dark and Darker is the most hard-hitting class as it has the ability to wield a two-handed Axe and Hatchets. The Class Perks and Skills will allow you to get certain buffs as well.

In this guide, we have explained what are the perks and skills of the Barbarian in Dark and Darker and how you should build Barbarian in solo and team play. We’ll go through the basics of the Barbarian Class works and then list down all of his Skills and Perks that you will be able to select.

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Barbarian Build Overview

Barbarian in Dark and Darker is the best class for players who like to deal more damage to their enemies. Barbarian is a strong class with a lot more HP than other classes but with a penalty of slow Movement Speed and Attacking Speed. However, the Two-Handed Axe of his will allow you to deal damage of two weapons at once which will take down enemies more quickly. Barbarian also has the ability to break the Chests and Doors with his Axe so that you will not have to waste your time opening the chests and doors.

The Barbarian build consist of Perks and Skills which you will use in your Solo play or Team Play. Although, it is the best class for Solo runs to gather loot quickly from the chests and enemies, do the extraction, and then make gold by selling the loot to the Merchants.

All Perks of Barbarian Build

There are 9 Perks of the Barbarian Class in Dark and Darker in the Class Menu from where you will be able to select Four Perks in total as you level up your Barbarian Class to Level 15. At the start, you will only be able to add 1 Perk in the Perks Slots and the rest of the slots will unlock as you level up your barbarian character. The 2nd Perk Slot will unlock at Level 5, the 3rd Perk Slot will unlock at Level 10, and the 4th Perk Slot will unlock at Level 15. The list of all Perks available for the Barbarian Class is the following.

  • Axe Specialization: It adds 10% weapon damage to your Axe Attacks.
  • Berserker: It will add 2% Attack Power on every loss of 10% health of your character. So, basically the lower the HP, the Higher the damage. Although, it can only give 18% of the Attack Power bonus.
  • Carnage: It will increase the Strength by +10 after killing an enemy.
  • Iron Will: It will raise the Magic Resistance of your character by 100%.
  • Morale Boost: It will give a 10% gain in HP after killing an enemy.
  • Savage: It will increase the Physical Damage bonus by 10%, if not wearing any chest armor.
  • Smash: It will let your character destroy containers and doors. Also gives extra damage against Parry and Defending enemies.
  • Toughness: It increases the HP by 10%.
  • Two Handed Weapon Expert: It gives a 5% boost to the Attacking Power of Two-Handed weapons (Axe) while in hands.
barbarian Build perks and skills

All Skills of Barbarian

There are 4 Skills for the Barbarian Class in Dark and Darker that can be equipped from the Class Menu of the game. You will be able to apply any 2 Skills to your character at any time, even from the start of the game. The list of all Skills available for the Barbarian Class is the following.

  • Rage: It greatly increases the Strength and Movement Speed by 15% but it reduces the Defense of your character by 20% for a short duration.
  • Reckless Attack: It ignores 75% of the enemy’s armor on the next hit after activating the skill.
  • Savage Roar: It frightens the enemies in a 7.5m range for 6 Seconds and also reduces their damage bonus by 25%.
  • War Cry: It increases the Max HP of your character and nearby allies by 25% for 7 Seconds.

Best Barbarian Build For Solo and Team Play

You can enter the match as a Solo Player as well as a Team Player with your friends but the class build matter in both cases. The Gameplay in both scenarios will change and you might get to play the Barbarian as a Support Class in a Team and as an Aggressive Class in a Solo. It will matter in the situations like, you get to fight with the enemies by staying in front or healing allies and yourself while they fight.

For the Solo Build, equip the Rage and Savage Roar as your Skills. It will allow you to move a bit faster than the normal speed of Barbarian and frighten the enemies so you can kill them easily. It will help you clear the room of enemies easily. With these pair of Skills, equip the Berserker, Savage, Toughness, and Axe Specialization. As in the Solos, you will be playing Aggressively, it is important for you to take down enemies as quickly as possible and move around quickly while wielding Two-Handed Axe.   

For the Team Build, equip the Rage and Savage Roar as well because you would want to keep up with your allies in the dungeon. As for the Perks, you can change that. The Perks you want to select for Team Build are Morale Boost, Berserker, Smash, and Carnage. These Perks will let you play as a team player and you will be able to help your teammates by clearing out enemies and opening chests and doors without wasting any time. Morale Boost will also let you keep reneging your health by killing enemies.

barbarian solo build

This is all for the Barbarian Class in the Third Playtest of Dark and Darker. There may be changes coming in the next Playtest or when the game releases so, stay tuned for that. Until then you can test out your Barbarian Class by equipping different Perks and Skills, and see what suits you better.

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