How to Get Max Attack Stat in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will allow players to max out Zack’s attributes by getting all the buffed-up equipment but in order to get that, players will have to use the Materia Fusion as well as level up some Materia Items as well. One of the major stats of Zack is ATK which will indicate the percentage of damage that Zack will deal to enemies.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to get max Attack Stat in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Max ATK Stat Cap

All the stats of Zack have a max stat cap which is 255 and it is same for ATK stat as well. But in order to get the max Attack stat, players will have to fuse powerful Materia Items with their other leveled up Materia Items. Leveling up Materia items to Master Rank will take hours of combat in the game and players will not might increase the stat to max and defeat the game with the current stat.

Requirement for Max ATK Stat

Getting the Max Stat will require a number of items along with SP. SP is consumed when you fuse Materia items in Materia Fusion so in order to do that, you do want to have enough SP to fuse high level Materia items.

Obviously, if you have an end-game equipment then you will deal more damage with your powers but if you are in the mid-game then you can also deal tons of damage by fusing the Materia Item called “Costly Punch”. Costly Punch is fused by using the Goblin Punch, Iron Fist, Magical Punch or Hammer Punch and combine one of them with any DMW Materia. You can also get it in the mission 9-5-1 (Hojo’s Monsters).

The main thing is the Fusion items that you are going to use on Costly Punch because they will help you get the max stat. You will have to use numbers of Hero Drink. You need to fuse Costly Punch with ATK bonus to increase the Attack Stat of Zack. Use of 1 Hero Drink will cost you 6,915 SP so, make sure you have enough SP. In order to get the Max Stat, you are going to fuse the Costly Punch with the Attribute of ATK +100 which will be a total of 87 Hero Drinks. It will cost you a total of 1,004,171 SP which is a lot.

Hero Drink can be stolen from an enemy named “Master Blade” by using the Mug Materia. So, make sure to equip the Mug and enter the mission 9-6-3 (Weapons Gone Haywire). You will be stealing 2 guaranteed Hero Drinks from the Master Blade and if you are lucky, you might get third one as an extra.

crisis core hero drink, reunion max stats, max level- Costly Punch

So, you can basically do that on any item, it doesn’t have to be Costly Punch. You just have to fuse an item with ATK +100 by using the Hero Drinks and you will get the Max Stat of 255.

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