Overpowered – Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII : Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will allow players to play the game in their own preferable style and things might get difficult after the prologue of the game as players will get to encounter the enemies with higher hit points. However, there are some Materia and Accessories that can be found in the early chapters of the game that will help you get through the enemies easily.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to get the items to become overpowered early in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Zack’s Attributes

Final Fantasy games are full of action and players will have to change certain items on their equipment to increase the Stats of the player. In the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, players will be playing with Zack who might not have high stats at the start of the game to take on the big enemies. However, as you equip different Materia and Accessories, you will see considerable changes in Zack’s Attributes. There are total of 5 different attributes of Zack in the game that players want to increase to get certain buffs.

  • ATK                        (Attack)
  • VIT                         (Vitality)
  • MAG                     (Magic)
  • SPR                        (Spirit)
  • LCK                         (Luck)

All of these stats will increase as you equip the corresponding Materia or Accessory.

Items to Get Early in Game

There will be many items that players will get as they progress through the main story missions of the game but in Final Fantasy, you can get certain items with more buffs from side missions as well so, do consider completing them as well. The items that you want to get are the following.

1.    Shinra Alpha

The Shinra Alpha is an Accessory that you can get it by completing the mission 1-2-1 (Challenge from Security). You will get to this mission after completing the prologue and getting to the 2nd chapter. It will take about an hour to get there so complete through the story to get to 2nd chapter. If you haven’t unlocked this mission then just go outside of Shinra building and speak to Shinra captain to get this mission.

mission 1-2-1 (Challenge from Security)

Start the mission to get into some sort of dungeon filled with security and you just need to defeat all the security and complete the mission. Completing this mission will grant you with Shinra Alpha item which will give (+35) points in Vitality which will increase your defense against the enemies.

2.    Poison

The next item that you need to get is Poison which will inflicts poison to the enemies when used. Poison is the Materia item that can be obtained from the Researcher in Materia Room in Shinra building. You will have to complete the missions of Mako Stones. You will need to complete the missions 8-2-1 to 8-2-5 and each mission will give you Mako Stone which can be given to Researcher for Poison along with Silence Blade.

3.    Gravity

The Gravity is also a Materia item which is a very strong move against the enemies. It will decrease the enemy’s current HP by 25% giving you the advantage to kill them quickly. The Gravity is also obtained from Researcher by giving him the Mako Stones. So, complete all the Mako Stones mission list and obtain the Gravity.

gravity Meteria

4.    Crystal Gloves

The Crystal Gloves can be obtained later in the game and it will also require you to complete a set of mission lists. In order to get the Crystal Gloves, you will have to complete the Mission list of 6-1 which will unlock the mission list of 6-3. You need to complete mission 6-3-1 to 6-3-4 and in the mission 6-3-4, you will find the Crystal Gloves in one of the chests. It will give (+20) in Attack as well as (+20) in Magic.

crystal gloves

5.    Barrier

The last item that you want to get is the Barrier Materia which will increase your defense further. You can find it in the chest in the mission 4-1-5. However, you will have to complete the rest of this mission list to unlock this mission. When you start this mission, immediately look back and you will see the chest that contains the Barrier Materia.

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