How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Make Paper in Minecraft to create Minecraft-related items like books, bookshelf, paper maps, firework rockets & more!

This tutorial explains to you ‘how to make paper in Minecraft’ step-by-step.

Paper is an important basic item in your inventory.

It is used essentially for everything from maps, banner patterns, and books to bookshelves.

Let’s explore how to make paper.

Supported Mode Versions

Paper is available in the following versions of Minecraft:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360Yes
Xbox OneYes
Wii UYes
Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 EditionYes
Education EditionYes

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How to Make Paper in Minecraft

You need three sugar cane (a green type of plant that looks a lot like bamboo) items, and a regular crafting table to craft paper from scratch.

Now, you need to find sugar cane and harvest it.

Normally, sugar cane plants are located near bodies of water along its edge where they spawn naturally.

After you find it, slash or break it and harvest it.

Do it the way you do with other basic ingredients in the Minecraft world.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)
How to make paper in Minecraft 2020/2021

Therefore, when you see it, harvest it because it is also used in so many other crafting recipes.

Now, it’s time to craft paper.

Craft Paper

Once you gather three or more sugar cane items, it’s time to go to the crafting table and enter the crafting menu.

Create a 3×3 crafting grid.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)
Make a paper in Minecraft

Place the three sugar canes in the middle row of the crafting grid.

These three sugar cane items will yield three paper items, one for each piece of sugar cane and that’s I think a lot of paper in Minecraft

Move the three paper items from the right-most box in the crafting grid to your inventory.

Yes…that’s the best way to get paper in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Paper Command

Give Command in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, 1.17 and 1.17.1, the /give command for Paper is:

/give @p paper 1

In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12, the /give command for Paper is:

/give @p paper 1 0

How to Make Paper Maps in Minecraft

Paper Maps are the most used paper-based items in Minecraft.

It is made out of eight paper items and one compass.

Here’s how you can create a paper map in Minecraft:

Find Redstone Dust

For compass, you need four iron Ingot items and 1 Redstone Dust item.

You have to dig deeper into a mountain to mine Redstone dust.

It has the appearance of iron with reddish spots on it.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)
Make Paper Map in Minecraft

Craft Four Iron Ingots

You have to mine iron core.

You can find it in mountainous areas.

Once you round up four iron ore items, go to a furnace and open the furnace menu.

You also fuel to craft an iron ingot.

Add the iron ore element and craft an iron ingot.

Repeat this step four times until you have four iron ingots in your inventory.

It’s time to craft a compass.

  • Navigate to the crafting table and open the 3×3 grid
  • Place the Redstone dust to the center of the grid
  • Place the four iron ingots directly above the redstone dust, below, left, and right to the grid’s center
  • Put the compass item in your inventory
How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)

Craft a paper map

Open the 3×3 crafting menu.

Put the compass in the grid’s centre.

Fill the remaining eight fields with paper items.

Move the paper map item to your inventory.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)

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How to Make a Paper of Awakening in Minecraft

The paper of awakening is used to call a Golem mob.

It defends you against mobs who attack you.

But, you need to install the Golem World PE mod.

So, here’s how to craft the paper of Awakening once you have installed the required mod.

Gather the Ingredients

You need four Redstone Dust items.

You can mine them following the same steps as above.

You also need four Glowstone Dust items and one paper item.

You can mine the Glowstone Dust from its (Glowstone) block.

You can find these blocks naturally in the Nether.

These blocks are generated in crystalline clusters.

You need the Silk Touch tool to mine it.

It’s time to make a paper of awakening in Minecraft.

Craft the Paper of Awakening

Open the 3×3 crafting table grid.

Place the paper item in the centre of the grid.

Put the Glowstone Dust in each corner of the square grid.

Then, fill the remaining four spaes with the Redstone Dust.

Once done, move the paper of awakening to your inventory.

That’s how you make a paper of awakening

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How to Make Toilet Paper in Minecraft

It’s only for aesthetic purposes.

You need a button, white wool, and an item frame.

We will craft each one step by step.

Craft a button

Now, you have a little freedom over here.

Go for any one of them:

  • Any plank (jungle, acacia etc can be used here)
  • You can also use stone or polished Blackstone

Next, open a 3×3 crafting grid and place any of the three items types in the grid center.

Now we need to create planks.

For this, you need a log item.

Obtain it from trees.

Place one in the mid of the grid to yield four matching planks.

Obtain stone using Cobblestone.

You can find it in mountainous areas in the game.

And try to get any sort of fuel to power up the furnace.

Put these in the furnace and you get the Stone item.

Polished Blackstone is crafted using the four Blackstone items found in the hilly areas.

Make Toilet Paper in Minecraft

It’s time to gather white wool.

Obtain White Wool

You obtain the white wool from the sheep.

You can shear the sheep using any tool.

Now, we craft item frame

Craft Item Frame

You need a leather item.

You also need eight stick items.

The sticks are crafted using two wooden plank items and placing them vertically in the 3×3 crafting grid.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)

Now is the interesting part.

Go to the spot where you want to place the toilet paper and the holder.

Place the button item first.

Place the item frame over the button.

Finally, put the white wool on the button.

That’s all there is to it.

You have created a toilet paper in Minecraft that is an amazing aesthetic addition to your Minecraft home’s restroom.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)

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How to Make Book in Minecraft

Here’s how to make a Minecraft book:

You need:

  • 3 x paper
  • 1 x leather

In the 3×3 crafting grid:

  • In the first row, there should be 1 paper in the first box
  • 1 paper in the second box
  • 1 paper in the third box
  • In the second row, place 1 leather in the first box.
How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)
Make a book in Minecraft

That’s all.

You’ve learned how to make paper in Minecraft!

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Below are some of the most important and useful questions on the topic at hand:

Can you make paper in Minecraft without sugarcane?

Well, as of now, that’s the only way to make paper in Minecraft.

Hence, you cannot make paper in Minecraft without sugarcane.

Can you make paper from bamboo in Minecraft?

Bamboo is useful for fuel or making sticks.

Ancient civilizations used bamboo to make paper.

Today, you get three pieces of paper like sugar cane, make it three and get one piece of paper.

Can you turn sugar into paper Minecraft?

You can easily make paper in Minecraft.

Place tree sugar canes in the middle row of the crafting grid.

This gives you paper.

Remember it’s not your homemade paper.

Can you make paper out of birch Minecraft?

The thin, papery bark of the birch tree can be used as paper. Three pieces of birch bark yield 3 sheets of paper.

How do you get paper fast in Minecraft?

Raid stronghold libraries and loot their chests.

That’s how you can get paper fast in Minecraft.

However, if you want to make your own paper in Minecraft, you got to have sugar cane.

Lay three sugar canes horizontally on the middle row of a crafting table and you get a paper. BAM!

Can you get paper in the Nether?

Sadly, you can not get paper solely in the nether other than just bringing it there.

How do you name a paper in Minecraft?

You can rename a paper in an anvil with coal instead of experience.

Can you make a diamond golem?

Diamon Gelem are bright cyan iron gloems.

You can build them using 4 diamond blocks in a T shape.

Then a pumpkin on top.

Their behaviour is like that of an iron golem i.e. fight all zombies, skeletons, spiders, withers, etc.

It will attack everything an iron golem attacks.

It has 75 hearts of health.

These golems can spawn inside a village naturally.

How to Make Bookshelf in Minecraft

Here’s how to craft a bookshelf in Minecraft:

It’s super easy.

Required Material:

  • 3 books
  • 6 Oak planks
  • 6 Spruce planks
  • 6 Birch Planks
  • 6 Jungle Planks
  • 6 Acacia Planks
  • 6 Dark Oak Planks
  • 6 Crimson Planks
  • 6 Warped Planks

Important Note: You can use any type of wood plank. Yes, you do not need to gather them all.

  • Open the 3×3 Crafting Menu
  • Add the Items to make a bookshelf

Place 6 wood planks and 3 books in the grid

Note: You can use any kind of woos plank such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia.

  • In the above example, we are using oak wood planks.
  • Place the wood plank and the book in the exact pattern as the image below:
How to Make Paper in Minecraft (Quick & Simple)

3 wood planks in the first row, 3 books in the second row, and 3 wood planks in the third row.

The bookshelf will now appear to the right.

Now, move the crafted bookshelf to your Inventory.

BOOM! you’ve made a bookshelf in Minecraft.

Now, I hope that you’ve learned how to make paper in Minecraft and other exciting stuff too like bookshelf or paper maps and toilet paper.

If you have any questions on how to make paper in Minecraft, plz ask us.

We are willing to help!

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