IObit Driver Booster Review: A Free Driver Updater

Enhance your PC's performance by keeping the drivers updated.

Driver Booster 9 has a modern and super clean user interface with a dark space grey color that makes the information easy to read. Above all, its minimum scrolling and undisturbed navigation make things less cluttered.

You can select from the color palette the interface skins and adjust their transparency to customize their appearance. Although, this has nothing to do with the updating process.

Moreover, Download Driver Booster Pro version has a dedicated tab you can’t remove that’s rested there to advertise other IObit products, which can annoy some. So, it’s something you would have to let go of.

What Makes IObit Driver Booster The Best?

You can enhance your PC’s performance by keeping the drivers updated.

  1. Higher HPS: Update graphic card drivers to improve game FPS
  2. Fewer Crashes: Resolving crashes by updating graphics card drivers
  3. Faster Loading: Regular driver update can keep your PC from getting slower
  4. Maintain External Devices: Keep device drivers updated to make the external devices work smoothly

IObit Driver Booster is Safe & Legit Software

IObit Driver updater is safe because the drivers in their database pass the intricate testing by Microsoft WHQL and IObit review. So anytime you can revert the changes back.

I have been using driver booster for more than two weeks now, and so far I haven’t encountered any malware or adware with it. With many awards and millions of downloads worldwide, IObit is a recognized industry leader in PC optimization and security software.

Safe & Stable Display Driver Uninstaller

Driver Booster is the best display driver uninstaller to completely uninstall AMD, NVIDIA & INTEL graphics card drivers, and remove all traces of display driver leftovers. If you want entirely new driver installation, delete drivers that are causing problems, or upgrade GPU from AMD to Nvidia, this driver removal is a must-have.

Faster and Easier

Our one-week testing of this driver updater tool for PC optimization displayed better results in terms of a faster updating process. Version 9 of Driver booster is getting a lot better at scanning and driver installation.

The simple and easy ‘one-click scan’ function accurately recognizes old drivers with its built-in tools, diagnoses them, and downloads the right ones to reduce device errors.

In total, IObit Driver Booster has found at close 41 outdated device drivers and 18 outdated game components on our testing machine. Similarly, some graphics card drivers and display drivers needed an update.

This shows that IObit Driver Booster (8) or 9 has an extensive database of drivers that detect broken, unmatched, or outdated ones and work on them.

The Auto Driver Update function makes the task a lot easier. You can activate the Auto-update to always get the latest driver update in real-time. Hence, faster and easier.

Enhance PC Performance with Free Driver Booster

The performance optimizer tool displays a driver’s version number, size, and release date, and all the required information next to each driver that needs to be updated.

The Driver Updater begins the updating and repairing work in the background while also requiring a reboot afterward. In this course, the performance optimizer tool will let you know of any program crashes or network problems in the case.

Driver Booster also informs the user about each driver’s status, whether in the queue, downloading, updating, or awaiting a reboot.

The automatic scan and update feature searches over the web for new driver versions. It then automatically searches for outdated, inconsistent, and missing drivers and downloads the right ones.

The batch feature in Driver Booster 9 updates all drivers at once. It is helpful for bulk updates where you save your time, energy, and efforts, but, importantly get the work done and ensure the best hardware performance.

The PC optimizer gives your game a boost. It does this by keeping the graphics and the game drivers up-to-date. As a result, your game actively responds to the input and gives a subtle feel.

Considering this, the Driver Booster repairs the game components like Adobe Flash Player Active X, Microsoft DirectX Runtime, and Visual C*** redistributables that is a great feature for those who are super attached to playing games.

IObit Driver Booster Pro Works Offline

IObit Driver Booster Pro has the added advantage of working offline. Even if you do not have an internet connection, due to a network driver problem, Driver Booster will update and install network drivers offline. This makes it so accessible every time and almost anywhere.

Prioritize Important Tasks

IObit Driver Booster prioritizes the important tasks. The unique exclusion feature of Driver Booster allows you to choose the drivers that you want to give special attention to to keep your hard-drive clutter-free and organized.

Auto-Create System Restore Point

A restore point automatically creates backups of the previous copy. This returns your system files and settings to an earlier point. Hence, you can always check device driver backup versions and restore them in case the current version causes any problem.

Safer and Better

The driver updater uses its capacity to fix device errors and creates an auto backup for a safer restore. Driver updater makes this process a lot safer. All the drivers pass the intricate testing by Microsoft WHQL and IObit review.

Silent off the Notifications

The PC enhancer features a silent mode. When you switch to silent mode, you won’t be disturbed by any notification from Driver Booster so that you can work on other tasks.

If you choose to uncheck it, it will keep the attention of yours so you don’t miss out on any chance to stabilize the PC.

Larger Database

IObit Driver Booster 9 Pro is for many reasons the best PC optimizer because of the fact that it houses an amazingly large online database with more than 4.5 million device drivers that update your hardware, making sure that you have the correct and newest version of drivers that always work correctly.

It updates all types of drivers including but not limited to: video and audio device drivers, motherboards, mice, keyboards, and graphics cards including NVIDIA graphics driver. This protects it against Spectre-meltdown CPU attacks.

Similarly, it fixes not sound, network, and hardware issues like keyboard stuck jittery mouse movements or frequent network drops. The driver update will fix such glitches with its built-in tools to improve system performance.

PC Booster and Optimizer

The ‘Tools’ in the left vertical bar helps fix errors, correct network failures, clean up invalid data and fix bad screen resolution.

When you update and install drivers, the driver booster-free version compresses the driver package to a small size to save time and memory. This improves the performance of the system as a whole.

Keeping the drivers updated can enhance PC performance in many ways. Updated graphic card drivers improve frames per second (FPS) to keep things smooth enough. You will be less likely to face system crashes and firmware glitches.

Similarly, regular driver updates can keep your PC from getting slower. This improves loading time for a faster workload.

The driver database supports more than 6 million devices & drivers from 1200+ major brands to keep device drivers updated to make the external devices work smoothly.

Cost & Compatibility

IObit Driver Booster has two versions: The free and the pro version. They both let you do the basic work i.e. download the newest drivers and offer one-click updates.

Paying $22.95 for the PRO tier gets you many other features and significantly improves PC stability and game performance.

Once you purchase the subscription, you will be given IObit driver booster 9 license key or the activation key. The activation key is also called the Serial key or lifetime code which is a combination of numbers and characters

The license key will allow you to enjoy the full mega version. Avoid IObit diver booster crack version so your PC remains secure.

The IObit Driver updater free version does the hard work for you and fixes common device errors automatically.

IObit Driver Booster PRO vs Free Version

IObit Driver Booster PRO 9 is the latest version of the IObit software updater that has an edge over the free version. Its largest-ever database of 8,000,000+ drivers keeps all PC drivers always up-to-date.

Its ability to perform driver updates offline is a convenient feature that saves time, effort, and more importantly, does the work without needing an Internet Connection.

Similarly, the free version does not host Auto backup multiple versions of drivers for safer restore. This is not something you would urge for, so, give everything an inspection beforehand.

It’s good to see that the free version stops useless services and enables Windows game mode to boost game performance.

What’s new in IObit Driver Booster Version 9

  • Fully Supports Windows 11
  • Greatly expanded database by 78 percent to support 8,000,000+ drivers
  • Enhanced multiple tools (clean invalid device data, fix device error, fix no sound, etc) for better system stability
  • Strengthened backup & restore to support backing up multiple versions of drivers
  • Improved Game Boost
  • Brand new User Interface for more concise, easier operations, and smoother experience
  • Supports 37 languages

IObit Driver Updater 9 Free Alternatives

The following driver updaters are a free alternative to the IObit driver booster free download.


Is IObit Driver Booster any good?

Of the driver updater’s I’ve tested, IObit Driver Booster PRO shows the largest gulf between its free and paid versions. It is the best free driver updater software for Windows 10 and 11.

Is IObit driver booster 9 Legit?

I have been using driver booster for more than two weeks now, and so far so now, its all good enough. So, it is safe, the program makes a backup of your current drivers before updating to the newest ones! All in all, IObit Driver Booster is a legitimate program on its own.

Is Driver Booster Really Free?

IObit Driver Booster is the best software to update drivers to improve FPS and the best PC optimizer for gaming. There is a free version available, but it offers limited features as stated earlier in our IObit Driver Booster review.

Is IObit Driver Booster 9 a Virus?

This PC optimizer is the best free driver updater tool that seeps through your PC to remove unnecessary files and keeps the system keep drivers updated. Iobit is not a virus or malware and does not count itself in malicious activities so don’t stress yourself on it.

During the installation process of driver booster for hardware scan, the ‘PC health solution’ might ask you to install third-party software. This is where you need to be cautious! Don’t forget to uncheck them.

Is IObit Driver Booster the Best?

It might be best for you but not for others. As per se, IObit driver booster PRO has the added advantage of being a top driver updater tool. We will, however, compare it with other Best Driver Updater Tools For Optimum PC Performance.

Is IObit Driver Booster the Best?

It might be best for you but not for others. As per se, IObit driver booster PRO has the added advantage of being a top driver updater tool. We will, however, compare it with other Best Driver Updater Tools For Optimum PC Performance.

Is Driver Booster Worth Paying For?

IObit’s Driver Booster Pro is worth the buy for backup options. The paid version can certainly help you stay on top of driver updates, issues, and restore points better than many other updater tools.

Is Driver Booster still free?

Even the driver booster 7 and 8 were free but, they missed on some really exquisite pro features like Auto backup multiple versions of drivers for safer restore.

How do I Check for Driver Updates?

To check for any updates for your PC, including driver updates, follow these steps:

1- Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar
2- Click the Settings icon (it’s a small gear)
3- Select ‘Updates & Security’, then click ‘check for updates’.

Once, you do this, hit the Driver updater software and click the scan button on the home screen. The updating tool will look for the old drivers and automatically update them to new versions.

How do I use IObit driver booster?

The process is super simple. Once you launch the IObit software updater 9.0.085 rc, you will see a large scan button in the middle of the interface.

1- Scan for Driver Updates. Click SCAN to start
2- Scan Result. You can see the total quantity of outdated device drivers and outdated game components at the top of the scan results screen
3- Update Drivers

How do I restore drivers with Driver Booster?

Click on Tools on the left sidebar. Click on ‘create restore and backup’. Select the drivers on which you want to perform the function. After that, tap ‘create backup’. The system software will do the work. Your PC will afterward reboot to get the previous version back.

How to uninstall IObit Driver Booster?

Open Start > Select Control Panel > Select Programs & Features > Find Driver Booster icon and click Uninstall > Click the Yes button when prompted to uninstall the program > Follow the on-screen prompts.

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